11 things I never knew about TKWsIBF PG Program in Banking & Finance

STRESSED and DISTRESSED! And I had only entered the second decade of my life! Were these to be my carefree years?

Misery loves company, indeed! I could see so many of my friends in the same boat: done with graduation, hope in our hearts, many dreams floating in our heads, but with absolutely no idea of how to make things happen. What was even more distressing was that seniors in college, cousins, and friends seemed so despondent about what life after post graduation really offered them.

I was determined not to fall into this so-called “ higher education” trap which seemed to do little more than raise hopes high: a plain PG degree never got any of the hopefuls I knew anywhere near to realising their career dreams or improving their job prospects.

So what to do, what to do?

Fortunately for me, someone up there was looking out for me! Tackling the long queues at my parents’ bank actually led me to my destination. I noticed this smart, young girl who tackled the never-ending lines with a smile on her face, energetically moving about and making sure to speed things up. She didn’t look much older than I was. She told me about her alma mater, TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance who had guided her into her dream banking career.

I’m going to cut a long story short and get to the happy ending: I am now enrolled in the PG Diploma in Banking and Finance and here are 11 soul-inspiring things that you should know about this Institute and the program.

#1. TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance is all about experiential education. Simply put, it’s all about being educated and qualified by getting job-ready. Here, we learn to apply learning to life. Just like the newly born fawn which is ready to run to survive from the moment of its birth, the PG Diploma in Banking & Finance (PGDBF) at TKWsIBF makes us ready to take on the world and its challenges!

#2. Did you know? TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance is the only institute that trains its students for PO exams AND careers in the private banking and finance sector. Well, you do now!

#3. In the first term itself, we get a good idea of basic banking operations, insurance, and risk planning, and securities. The curriculum is comprehensive and taught by experts; so don’t get worried that it’s all too much. Their magic methods will make it all smooth sailing.

#4. This diploma is not restricted to just banking: we get deep insights into the world of finance through training in asset banking, mutual funds, wealth management, retirement planning, etc. These were hazy concepts before I joined the PGDBF, but I must say that I feel like an expert myself now!

#5. Did you ever feel like your potential was not being developed to its fullest by your college education? Well, you can be more than a frog in the well at TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance with lectures from International guest faculty and interaction with them. Widen your world with the exciting 3 days ASEAN banking tour and see how versatile Banking & Finance has become.

#6. And this is not the ultimate! The course includes web streaming of lectures from HARVARD and MIT. Get your taste of the best international education right here! Proof of how the internet has literally SHRUNK the world, don’t you think?

#7. There are many more doors of opportunity waiting to be opened. The Diploma program also prepares you for the Certificate in International Trade and Finance (CITF) conducted by the Indian Chamber of Commerce. This is not just your entrée into the world of International Trade by widening the scope of your job market but improves your future growth and prospects too.

#8. Is there a world without computers today? You have to be tech savvy to get a good job. TKWsIBF trains you in how to make computers work for you with a curriculum that includes the basics of computer-knowledge, training in power point presentations, etc.

#9. Quality is the prime concern here, not quantity. TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance is committed to personal attention, and that’s why they limit class strength to 60 students/year. I have benefitted from this as the talented faculty can give me enough of their time to clarify doubts and encourage discussions and points of view.

#10. It’s not all about money, honey! Meritorious students can benefit from the scholarship programs at TKWsIBF. Education is meant for all: this is a firm belief at TKWsIBF.

#11. How is it that the PGDBF hits the bullseye? The Institute networks with the who’s who of the Finance and Banking sector. This is why their course content is tailored to the needs of Industry. This same network also aids their alumni into getting the best opportunities and the widest exposure.

Hours of rote learning in the so-called ‘conventional’ methods of education have certainly underlined the old proverb ‘All work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ For the first time in my student life, I have understood how interesting and absorbing learning can be. Interactions with my peers and lecturers, the projects and camps, the whole atmosphere of excitement and inspiration at TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance, have given me so much confidence.

I KNOW that I am poised at the threshold of a great career, thanks to TKWsIBF. I could never have thought that 1 year could make such a difference to my life!