8 Mistakes Every Intermediate Student Makes

Not many students realize this, but a course is not and should not be the ultimate aim in itself. A course is the means to achieve what one aspires to become in life. Courses are stepping stones to learning useful skill sets and opening up new career opportunities, thereby increasing the earning potential of every individual.

The idea is to choose a career and not a course!

However, in the path of choosing the course and brilliant career, few common mistakes are made by a majority of intermediate students.

1. Career decisions influenced by peer pressure
Your best friend has finally chosen the best course he/she always wanted to pursue. Leaving old friends and starting a new phase of life becomes difficult for many. Hence, many students match courses and institutes with that of friends only to land up in careers outside the purview of their personal interest.

2. Going with the flow
Students often make this mistake of opting for monetarily beneficial, less strenuous work by getting influenced from people who did the same. While choosing a career path, the focus should be vested solely on the individual’s passion and interests rather than job offers or ease of work.

3. Parents deciding their kid’s future
In India a major chunk of students blindly follows the career path chosen by their parents. Parents, no doubt would think and advise in the best interest of their children. However, there are high chances that their choices might be influenced and not well studied as per current trends. In any case, it is always best for a student to make his/her own career-related decisions, so that he is completely accountable for the outcome.

4. Seeking short-term monetary benefits
This is one of the biggest, most common mistakes made by majority students. A universal misconception prevailing today is that money is the most important thing for success. False! Of Course, money is necessary but what gives one the ultimate peace of mind & satisfaction is success in his / her area of passion.

5. No clear assessment about one’s own likes and dislikes
Many students really don’t know about their own likes and dislikes. As a result of this, they end up selecting the wrong career path altogether. Career counselling by professional experts can be of great help to determine the right career path for students. They can take up “strengthsfinder” tests to derive if their area of strength matches their career aspiration.

6. Spending less time in research
It is extremely important to invest a good amount of time in researching various available career options. Immense information is available on the internet and with various career counsellors who can help you with the right career options for you. Chalk out a career plan that matches your skills, interest, learning abilities, likes and dislikes.

7. Procrastinating the decision till the last moment
Delaying the decision till the last intermediate year is a big NO! Procrastinating the decision limits the available choices. Do your research well and decide upon a career option way in advance, so that you have enough time to prepare for it. For example, if you want to pursue MBA, you can take up necessary coaching. If you want to join the right Banking career, you can join UG Diploma courses that combine CS, Banking & Finance along with B.Com. Make an early choice and prepare well to pursue your dream successfully.

8. Not looking for the right institute and programme
Finally, you may have discovered the right career option and are set towards your goal. However, choosing the wrong Institute and programme can ruin the entire exercise. The institute plays a vital role in structuring your career and ultimately your life. Yes! It is a daunting task that needs efforts to research and finalise. However, if Banking & Finance is going to be your career path, make sure you visit www.tkwsibf.edu.in to know the kind of courses you can take up to pursue a successful career in Banking.