9 finance job hunting tips for B.Com students which no one tells you about

In today’s fast paced world where there is more than one ideal applicant for every job on offer, specialization is the key. A B.Com degree is a good stepping stone to take up the next level of education. At the completion of your B.Com degree, you may also consider getting some work experience before starting the specialization course. When you are job-hunting after completion of B.Com consider these great job hunting tips to help keep you ahead of the competition.

1) Build your network
Today’s world is all about who you know. Keeping this in mind, the best way to get your resume ahead of the rest is by applying for the job through a known source. Even recruiters are not keen to go through the pile of resumes. They prefer to find someone from within their circle.

2) Knowledge
Having landed an interview, it is important to possess the knowledge to be spotted from the many applicants. As you complete your B.Com degree pay attention to the learning and keep a few key points handy when you appear for the interview.

3) Know the company
When you visit a company for an interview, it is important to understand the business you are applying for a job too. What does the potential employer produce or what service do they render, what are their strengths and weaknesses and what is their USP. Adequate knowledge on these points will help you stand out in the interaction with the recruiter as it will create a sense that you will be a better fit.

4) The Institute
Every institute that offers the B.Com course is ranked and therefore the institute you have attended for completion of your B.Com will also play a significant role in getting you a finance job after B.Com.

5) Work experience
While you may be applying for your first job after college, it is beneficial to have some work experience on your resume. You can develop this by taking summer internships while pursuing the B.Com course. Even an entry level job will qualify as it shows that you have experience being in a work environment.

6) Get multiple qualifications
While pursuing the B.Com degree, you should also acquire additional qualifications such as NCFM, NISM, CFP, Financial Modeling, etc. This will help to show that you are serious about Finance as a career.

7) Improve your communication skills
Doing a course to better your communication skills is a significant step in the direction of a Finance job as your resume will stand out to the recruiter. With a course on communication skills, you will be better prepared to interact with clients and also when the need arises to do a better job of drafting work emails.

8) Don’t forget social media
Social media is a great job-hunting tool with unlimited opportunities to offer. Spreading your network will help you to contact the recruiters through known associates when the need arises.

9) Blogging
Don’t let your resume be the only one-page introduction to you. Use blogging to express your interests and passions and to share your knowledge of the relevant subjects.

It is great that you are in the process of completing your B.Com and have chosen a career in finance. Being armed with a good degree and having prepared for the interview you are ready to earn your first job. You need to remember that this is just the beginning and that there are many mountains to climb. Pay close attention to the institute you join for your post graduation course as this can make a difference in the long run. Choose wisely and wish you all the best!

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