9 Reasons Students of TKWsIBF Get Better Opportunities

The banking and finance sector is pivotal to the growth of an economy. While 2019 was good for the banking and finance sector, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns brought the entire country’s economy to a halt and particularly hurt the banking and finance sector. However, in every challenge lies an opportunity, and the lockdowns allowed the banking and finance sector to induce some core changes and be better prepared for the future. These changes have created additional manpower requirements in the sector. While the pre-COVID estimates were around 1.6 million new jobs in the sector by 2022, the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) estimates the demand to cross 4.2 million now. 

TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance (TKWsIBF)

TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance (TKWsIBF) was established in 2010 with the clear aim of creating a knowledge center for imparting training and sharing industry know-how with aspiring banking and finance professionals. The institute was also formed to facilitate economically backward students and level the playing field by making them ready to compete for jobs in the banking and finance sector. With a board of experienced and well-known senior professionals from the banking and financial industry, TKWsIBF has received several accolades for its unique Experiential Learning Techniques (ELT).

The institute offers courses designed to help students build a firm foundation in the banking and finance sector. With clear concepts and a comprehensive understanding of the financial markets, TKWsIBF endeavors to create future leaders in the sector. The PG Diploma in Banking and Finance course comes with integrated certifications in investment banking, business banking, and international trade finance. It is designed to create global finance professionals with developed financial planning skills and a detailed understanding of handling international trades. There is a Fellowship Program, too, offering students an opportunity to gain experience while earning the PG Diploma. The institute also offers an Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance course for undergraduates, offering them a B.Com. (Hons.) Degree from the Delhi University (SOL) along with an Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance. Students also have the option of enrolling in the Company Secretary Preparation course. 

9 reasons TKWsIBF’s students get better opportunities

There are several institutes offering courses in banking and finance. However, students from TKWsIBF get better career opportunities because of the reasons mentioned below.

1. Consistently #1: Since its launch in 2010, TKWsIBF has been consistently ranked the number one banking training institute.

2. Experiential learning techniques (ELT): The institute uses ELT-based activities to help students learn better as the techniques center on the concept of learning by doing and reflecting on the experience. These techniques can help students develop up to 48 skills that can help them along their professional journeys.

3. Innovative curriculum: The banking and finance sector is vast, with a lot to learn. Many finance professionals admit to being students of finance all their lives. Hence, among other factors, the curriculum of a banking and finance course plays an important role in determining its efficiency. TKWsIBF ensures that the curriculum is at par with the best in the world and updated every year. This helps them keep the course relevant to the changing times and increase the demand for their students. With around 18 relevant subjects, students learn all aspects of the industry before applying for jobs.

4. Top-notch faculty: A course is usually as good as its trainers. TKWsIBF has industry leaders from the banking and finance sector as faculty from India and around the world.

5. Mentoring by industry leaders: Any professional course is incomplete without insights into the industry. TKWsIBF ensures that industry leaders mentor its students to understand the competitive landscape and challenges they might face once they begin their professional journey.

6. Corporate exposure: Students are given assignments and projects that are linked to the industry. This gives them the confidence to perform right from the first day of their job.

7. Illustrious  governing board: TKWs IBF has a Board comprising senior professionals, CMDs and heads of leading banks and financial institutions. This helps the institute in creating relevant courses and imparting training to create professionals that the sector demands.

8. Additional certifications: Apart from getting the diploma in banking and finance, students also can get additional certifications based on their interests. These include NCFM, CPP, Trade Finance, Credit Appraisal, etc.

9. Placement preparation: Learning about banking and finance is one thing, and cracking the job interview is completely another. The institute trains its students to present their skills optimally during the interview.

The banking and finance sector offers a range of career opportunities like operations, sales, IT, analysis, etc. Students aspiring to join the industry must look at an institute that offers courses that can prepare them for the wide range of roles available. Knowledge, skills, and awareness of the sectors help to lay a firm foundation for a successful banking and finance career. TKWsIBF, with a clear vision of creating a global premier banking and finance institute in India, ensures that the students are well-equipped to enter the banking and finance sector and make their mark.