Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

BCom with Triple Qualifications Program:

  1. Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

  2. BCom (Hons) from Delhi University (SOL)

  3. Company Secretary Preparation, ICSI (Optional)

Program Objective:

This program aims at providing students, a strong academic foundation in accounting together with advanced qualifications and industry relevant skills to kick start their career in the banking and finance industry. It is the most sought after banking course after 12th.

Program Description:

A career in banking and finance is both prestigious as well as rewarding but so is the expectation of recruiters. In a scenario where getting a finance job is becoming increasingly competitive, a candidate must have everything demanded by the recruiters. Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance offers the right blend of best in class academic degree, professional qualification, and skills. 

The advanced diploma in banking and finance gives career orientation and industry exposure to a student while integrated certifications such as Company Secretary, NSE, CFP, etc validate his knowledge. A Hons degree in BCom is a basic qualifier in this industry and with Delhi University’ curriculum embedded students study one of the best-known syllabi in the country.

After completing Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance a student can find employment in Banks, financial companies or in corporate finance across the industry. The students can also use their superior knowledge and skills to become an entrepreneur or expand their family business. Many choose to pursue higher education degrees such as CA, MBA, CFA, MCom, etc.

Who is it for?

This program is a comprehensive 3-year program designed for 12th pass commerce students who are looking for banking courses after 12th. It enables students to have an academic and professional advantage by studying multiple courses at once.


10+2 from commerce with a minimum of 55% marks

Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance


Multiple programs at once
In a highly competitive job & business market, it helps a student immensely to have multiple educations with a specialized training for a particular industry.
Cutting Edge Curriculum
A curriculum that is benchmarked against the best in the world, and updated every year with latest developments in the industry.
Industry Interaction
Strong industry participation helps our students get access to the latest and pertinent information and happenings in the banking and finance sector.
Learning Beyond Classroom
At TKWsIBF we make each activity into a learning experience. Students participate and organize every major event of the institute helping them in overall development.
Experiential Learning Tasks
All the practical subjects taught at TKWsIBF have ELT’s designed to achieve major learning goals. This helps the student understand the concept’s application in the real world.
Early start to career
In this era of super speculation, it is wise to start your career early in an industry of your choice and build your specialization with time. Campus placement helps the student achieve this advantage.

Application Procedure

There are 60 undergraduate seats on offer for Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance. Admission Process to be followed by applicants for No 1 ranked banking course after 12th is as follows:

Step 1: Fill an online application form. This form can also be submitted offline at our institute campus.

Step 2 : Pay the application fee of Rs. 1,000. This can be done online or by visiting the institute campus. You can also request for institute’s bank account details for cash deposit in any branch Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Step 3 : Appear for Banking Aptitude Test. This is done on a pre-assigned date and can be taken from any laptop/computer with uninterrupted access to the Internet. This is an aptitude test and not an elimination criterion.

Step 4 : Appear for an admission interview at the institute. This is conducted on a pre-assigned date and is the main selection criteria of a candidate. Student outcome can be selected on Merit/General/Management seat or Rejection.

Step 5 : If selected, confirm your admission, by submitting the required documents along with the Admission fee, at the Admissions Office.

Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance


Semester 01

At the end of this semester students should be able to use correctly the common terminology and jargon of the banking and financial services industry

  • General Banking Operations
  • Financial Products & Services
  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Banking Maths

  • Information Technology & Systems
  • Project Submission / Economic Times

  • Spoken English
  • Professional Banking Communication
  • Business Ethics (Crash Course)

Semester 02

At the end of this semester students should be able to make proposals and presentations to customers of retail banking products

  • Asset Banking
  • Security Markets
  • Business Statistics
  • Micro Economics
  • Business & Company Law

  • PowerPoint for Presentations
  • Project Submission / Economic Times

  • Business Communication
  • Professional Banking Communication
  • Auditing (Crash Course)

Semester 03

At the end of this semester students should be able to understand customer needs and explain financial products

  • Payments Industry & Cards
  • Mutual Funds
  • Corporate Accounting I
  • Business Maths I
  • Company Law
  • Income Tax Laws & Practice

  • Advanced Excel
  • Project Submission / Economic Times

  • Selling Skills 1
  • Professional Banking Communication
  • Micro EconomicsII (Crash Course)

Semester 04

At the end of this semester students should be able to provide effective investment advise with reference to customer’s tax obligations

  • Rural Banking & Micro Finance
  • Insurance
  • Cost Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting II
  • Business Maths II
  • Capital Markets & Security Laws

  • Excel Modeling
  • Project Submission / Economic Times
  • Customer Service

  • Professional Banking Communication
  • E-commerce(Crash Course)

Semester 05

At the end of this semester students should be able to model financial statements of a concern in Excel and appraise its credit eligibility.

  • Banking Laws & Regulations
  • Derivative
  • Wealth & Retirement Planning
  • GST Law and Practices
  • Financial Management

  • Fintech
  • Project Submission / Economic Times
  • Financial Advisory

  • Professional Banking Communication
  • Indian Economy (Crash Course)

Semester 06

At the end of this semester students should be able to prepare and present a customised wealth management plan for a high Net worth Customer

  • Credit Appraisal
  • Forex & Treasury Management
  • Macro Economics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Funding

  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Submission / Economic Times
  • Selling Skills 2

  • Professional Banking Communication
  • Advertising (Crash Course)

Course Fee

Course Fee for Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

Fee Type

Amount (INR)

Due Date

Admission Fee


Time of Admission

Caution Money


Time of Admission

Term Fee

50,000 X 6 = 3,00,000

2019 – 1 July, 1 Dec, 2020 – 1 June, 1 Dec, 2021- 1 June, 1 Dec.

Total Payable



Student also gets option to pay using following payment options:

One Time Payment Option:

Term Fee can be paid in Lump sum with a 15% Concession

Monthly Payment Option:

Term Fee can be paid in 36 Installments of Rs 9,500 each 

Exclusions and Optionals:

Application Fee: Rs. 1,000/ payable for Registration Fee payable before Banking Aptitude Test and Personal Interview

Leadership Camp: Rs. 7,000/- for a 3 day residential learning program held in outdoor location

Bankers Meet: Rs. 5,000/- Delegate Fee to be a part of the organising committee & attend this mega fest

ASEAN Banking Tour: Optional 3 to 5 day study tour of an ASEAN Country

Integrated Certifications: Enrolment & Examination fee is directly payable to concerned boards

Bankers Essentials: Students are expected to possess a laptop and formal business attire.


  1. Special 10% rebate can be availed on term fee in following cases:
  • Sibling of TKWsIBF student or Alumni
  • Family member of staff of TKWs group of companies
  • students with 75% marks in qualifying examination

Note: Rebate is only offered if a student qualifies for a General Seat. A Rebate can not be combined with any other rebate or scholarship.

For Scholarships offered by TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance, visit our Scholarships at TKWsIBF Page

TKWsIBF is the best choice for the students who want to do good in the banking and finance industry. Lots of things to learn there. We get Practical knowledge and also learn interpersonal skills.
Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

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