ASEAN Study Tour for Students of TKWsIBF

Study tours expand the classroom by providing students the chance to monitor theory that is being employed in professional environments. This kind of a tour offers students with an experiential element which is not present in the normal classroom courses.

Benefits of study tours
The most important benefit that students get from a study trip is the chance to observe the realistic significance of abstract ideas. This augments the incorporation of study material into the course.

The study tour arranged by TKWs IBF is a one of its kind, which will help banking and finance students gain knowledge outside their textbooks and course materials. The aim is to build a study tour that provides students an exposure to an assortment of International environs appropriate to their course, in a realistic period of time as well as at an affordable price.

The alumni of the Institute have stated that taking part in the study tour had a significant impact on their perceptions about the banking and finance sector.

By visiting different banks and other industries, students grasp the discrete dissimilarity in work cultures across the countries and comprehend the talents necessary to acclimatize to such environs. They benefit from the challenges as well as opportunities that confront organizations in the world and increase global awareness and augment international perspective.

TKWsIBFs’ 2016 Singapore Study Tour
TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance will be conducting a 5-day study tour program on consumer banking industry in Singapore from Monday, the 18th of July to Friday, the 22nd of July 2016. A delegation of a few selected students with 2 faculty members is visiting Singapore.

Since 2002, TKWsIBF has been conducting study tour programs on the financial status and banking systems of different countries. These tours are intended to familiarize and reveal to the TKWsIBF members the different schemes as well as methods applied by other member banks in their particular countries.

This tour agenda also offers a platform for participating members to exchange information, experiences, and best practices of the banks. The main reason for such a tour is to make students aware of the latest practices in financial services and their cultural adoption by people across different sects of society in Singapore.

Discussions to be held with the leaders of the industry
For the Singapore program, the participants will learn about the workings of the Singapore banks by discussing on the following:
1. How is the consumer banking industry different in Singapore from India?
2. What are the popular products and features consumers seek and use?
3. How does a consumer in Singapore see a bank relationship?
4. What are the modern practices in Singapore in banking and financial services?
5. What can be learnt and adopted in Indian banking industry from Singapore?

Tour Agenda
Apart from this, participants will also be gathering knowledge with regard to the functioning of industries in this Asian country. Students will learn about the industry by visiting Singapore Stock Exchange, Citi Bank and Standard Chartered Bank Asia Head Quarters, SBI and Bank of India Singapore Branch, DBS and UOB (the largest national banks in Singapore).

During this tour they will be meeting Mandeep Nalwa, CEO Taurus Wealth, Indranil Roy, Asia Pacific Head of CR2 (Channel Banking Software), Venkat Iyer, COO, Operational Risk Practice and hold discussions on various banking practices.

Mr. Dhrub Panjikar, Dean Corporate Relations, TKWs IBF says “in preparation for this visit, I have been interacting with these corporate leaders in Singapore for past 3 months. I can assure you that they are as eager to meet us as we are. This will be a unique opportunity for our students to learn International Banking from the practitioners working in the financial capital of Asia.

This kind of meeting will really help TKWs IBF students to collect and take back home with them a wealth of banking system and finance knowledge. This is indeed a unique and excellent opportunity for the students and the participants to learn about International Banking from the practitioners working in the financial capital of Asia.

Students and participants will also do a steered tour known as “Follow the money – Singapore’s financial district to the Fountains of Wealth”. For an academic bent of learning, students will visit the National University of Singapore, East Asian Institute of Management and Asia’s most famous design college the “Lassale”.

Study tour of TKWs IBF
TKWs IBFs’ International study & tour provides an exceptional chance to MBA as well as PG Students. Students will be taken on a study tour to visit different Asian countries. These tours are not similar to the usual vacation.

They are encouraged to interact with the professionals in the field of banking and finance in these countries with a stopover in their offices for discussions. They also are given a certification by the visiting country. This international experience will provide students with totally new views and alters the way TKWs IBFs’ students take decisions in real life situations.