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The banking and finance sector is pivotal to the growth of an economy. While 2019 was good for the banking and finance sector, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns brought the entire country’s economy to a halt and particularly hurt the banking and finance sector. However, in every challenge lies Read More…

Is the Pandemic Chaos the Right Time to Invest in a PG Course?

Is the pandemic chaos the right time to invest in a PG course in Banking and Finance? The reset button has been pressed, and industries worldwide are taking stock of the impact that 2020 brought and the lessons learnt. What is emerging is an exciting mix of opportunities and caution-areas. Read More…

Tapping into the Alumni Network

Any person who has passed out from a professional institute, would agree that a strong alumni network leads to better contacts and prospective opportunities for students stepping into the industry. Alumni networks allow you to gain access to an institution’s long-term value by giving individuals a chance to be in Read More…

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