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Best program to pursue along with B.Com from SOL or NCWEB

Choosing the right course should not be done in a hurry or under peer pressure. One should sit down calmly and review the options available. Distance can be a factor in your choice but it should not be at the expense of quality of education of the institute. Similarly, cost involved might be a constraint but view it under the light of the fact that a good institute will also stand you well later in life.

Book Summary – “The six pillars of self-esteem – By Nathaniel Branden”

The author refers to the six pillars on which healthy self-esteem is based and while it would be possible to only focus on some of the pillars, it is highly recommended to make all of the six pillars a part of your life.

What Rich Parents Teach Their Children

What Rich Parents Teach Their Children. “When you are young, Work to LEARN, Not to earn.

Watch TKWsIBF Founding Director Prof Amit Goyal share insights on what Rich Parents teach their children. This webinar will help both parents and children make informed decisions about their career.

How to reach 1 lakh monthly salary after graduation

Watch this informative webinar on how to reach 1 lakh monthly salary and build your career for success. The 5 point mantra explained here can be used for any career stream and will be helpful to get you higher in your career ladder.

Which is best after graduation: A Job or Post Graduation?

Watch Mr. R K Dubey, guide students on handling a difficult choice between starting with a job after graduation and pursuing a post-graduation program.

Mr Dubey holds an MBA in HR, CAIIB, LLB, MA in English, BSc in Maths and science and a PG in development banking from Manchester. tarting his banking career a management trainee in bank of Punjab, he assumed the office of CMD of Canara Bank in January 2013.

How are salaries of freshers determined by companies

Many final year students depend upon campus placements to find their dream jobs in their dream companies. Companies also benefit from this arrangement to find the best minds at a single sitting who can be easily aligned to their individual processes to enhance their performance. And for this reason alone, companies usually do not reject a candidate outright unless the candidate is completely off-sync or does not want the job at all.

Should I choose BCom Hons over BCom Program?

ten students get confused between the BCom Hons and the BCom Pass course as the subjects taught in both these streams seem to be the same, yet the cut-off percentage for them differs significantly. Both these courses introduce and teach subjects that essentially make up the commerce stream in a structured curriculum based on a full time study for three year

Why MBA is best done after a real-world experience of 4-5 years.

A number of corporate professionals and educationists believe that it is best to go for an MBA after gaining some work experience first. It puts one in a better position to define his expectations and direction for his career. Once such a candidate is through with his MBA, he can look forward to a career which is highly rewarding, and is also very likely get a fine start for his ambitions.

Digitalisation: An end-to-end experience enabler

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), e-commerce, apps and versatile digital payment modes seeping across sectors and consequently, into our day-to-day lives, India continues to witness significant digital and technology transformation. The way consumers consume and interact with products and services is also undergoing a radical shift, and in turn, so is their perception of them.

5As Model for Adoption of Digital Payments

cash-less economy might sound like an impossibility, but a less-cash economy is a definite desirable. Reduction of cash in transactions improves transparency, curbs antisocial activities and improves tax collection. India’s population demographic can become a boon or a bane depending on employment opportunities created over next 2 decades.