How Banking & Finance gives wings to your career

India is at the cusp of monumental changes in the banking industry: consolidation of the State Banks of India, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Demonetization, focus on reducing NPAs, the growth of asset reconstruction companies and the push towards reducing cash transactions and pushing digital transactions in the economy.

You are in the Banking and Finance sector at the right time.

Whether you have just completed your graduation or are a working professional new to banking having completed your graduation, Banking is the right career choice due to its growth potential. Banks are looking for focused and knowledgeable recruits who will bring new passion and insights to take charge of new developments. For those who have work experience after graduation, there are obvious advantages.

If you have completed your graduation in Commerce, the next best step is to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance. This will equip you to prepare for a rewarding career in Banking.

A PG diploma has the following advantages:

1. You understand the functioning of the banking industry
With course material in insurance, investment, foreign exchange, securities and mutual fund investments, etc., a PG diploma in banking & finance covers banking and financial sectors comprehensively. The rigorous course also provides real world experience apart from classroom training to understand the functioning of the banking industry.

2. You can move from a back-office role to a customer facing role
After the course, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge of banking to face the client and also learn from your regular interactions with senior bankers. Apart from banks, other employment options open up including capital markets, financial consulting, commodity markets, insurance, corporate treasuries, international finance, wealth management, merchant banking, and forex advisory.

3. Increase in salary
The investment made in this course can be recovered usually within a year. The salary package is a combination of many factors like,
a) the present profile
b) years of experience
c) the Institute from which the course was completed
d) practical knowledge gained during the PG diploma
e) the job profile you are selected for

But a PG diploma in banking & finance is bound to increase your remuneration. Typically having qualified from a renowned Institute, you should be looking at a salary between 5 to 8 lakh per annum.

Apart from the immediate benefit of salary increase, you will have a strong career path due to your constant interaction with customers and senior officials in the banking sector. Coupled with excellent on-the-job performance it will help you to get noticed easily for promotions.