Best of B.Com, BBA, CA, LLB all rolled into one!

In today’s competitive market scenario one must ‘work smart’ rather than ‘work hard’. It is very easy to get caught in a rut of pursuing a B.Com, BBA, CA or the usual LLB course after your high school. This would be akin to following the herd instead of being current, competitive and thinking smart. If you wish to outsmart the rest of the crowd then wear your smartest hat and your fastest feet! Think different. It is often said that ‘if you want a different result then do a different thing’. If you do the same thing, you will get the same result.

If any of you are out there and aspiring for a secure well paying job in the Finance industry and are reading this, you might well be among the smart ones. Yes. It takes a lot of research and homework to know that if you follow the masses and go for the usual or popular choices of a B.Com, BBA,CA or LLB, it can take you long to grow with a high income.

What is a vocational course?
Let’s explore the vocational courses that could be available to you. Vocational courses are practical courses designed to land you an exciting career at a good speed with planned and enriched curriculums. They are planned and designed with guidance and consultation from industry experts. They are designed to groom you into professionals who can take up corporate jobs immediately after the course is over. They aid you in being productive from day one. Industry stalwarts help design the syllabus keeping current trends and practices in a changing competitive environment.

We could spend some time here to examine a prominent vocational course offered by TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance called the Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance. Students can get three qualifications instead of just one that they would have got had they pursued just a CS or a B.Com course. The three qualifications that TKWsIBF offers are in B.Com, CS and Banking and Finance. Students can opt for a career in banking, or become a company secretary if they so wish. Or hone your skills to become financial consultants.

In addition, the college experience offered helps in the overall development of personality. The routine and daily rigor of the college routine; the everyday physical interactions with distinguished and experienced faculty and peers provide the greatest differentiators that fortify the learning engagement.

The institute offers hands-on experiential training methodologies that are its USP.The curriculum is beefed up by top class faculty with experience in the banking and finance world. There are additional spin-offs such as periodical interactions and interfaces with professionals from the industry.It boasts a strong alumni network that aid during placements.What none of you can ignore or overlook is the fact that it has a 100% placement record through its triple qualification. So again, if you are indeed among the smart ones reading this you know what to do to get a headstart in your financial journey.