Best PG Diploma in Banking and Finance with Training and Placement in Delhi

We live in a dynamic world; one in which the contours of every arena of human endeavour keep changing, and the education sector and employment market are no exceptions.

There has been a paradigm shift in the aspirations of ambitious career seekers, not only from the urban clusters but also from the semi-urban and rural agglomerations.

Employment, per se, is not the objective; a luxurious lifestyle for the family, holidays in the Swiss Alps, membership of premium clubs have taken over the centre stage of purpose. All discerning youth are deeply conscious of the reality; that their road to the upper echelons of the employment hierarchy begins with academic qualifications.

Why Post Graduation?
Accessibility of education has created a situation in which graduation has become the norm rather than an exception.

To demanding employers, graduation is no longer a differentiator, and head-hunters are, therefore, forever in search of prospective manpower with a higher degree of academic qualifications, better soft skills and enhanced awareness of ground level business realities.

Upwardly mobile youth has recognised that graduation could open the doors to employment opportunities, but mere graduation is a long term recipe for career stagnation.

Recruiters are looking for knowledgeable, skilled, ready-to-deploy manpower to fuel company growth.  Employed professionals suffer considerable heartbreak and heart burning, as they stand mute spectators to better qualified and skilled entrants entering laterally into their companies, and occupying prime positions in the office.

For those who have just graduated, it is best to bolster your resume and your skill sets with a good postgraduate diploma and brighten your prospects of landing a plum appointment. For those ambitious professionals who are interested in finding a way out of a career log jam, it is not too late to re-enter the classroom and earn a PG Diploma that will change the direction of your life.

Course Content for a PG Diploma in Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance is the most sought after field in the PG universe, and that is hardly surprising considering the accelerated growth the sector has been witnessing.

The future prospects are also upbeat. Liberalisation of bank licensing policies introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the introduction of payment banks, etc. coupled with higher growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are expected to fuel substantial growth in the sector.

There are a plethora of institutes offering a PG Diploma in banking and finance, and it is the next thing to impossible to distinguish one from another.

Instead, let us look at what should be the characteristics of ideal course content of a great PG program.

The primary requirements are that the course content should be comprehensive (including making sense to students who do not have a finance background without being simplistic), traverse all territories of banking and finance, deliver leading edge knowledge, create soft skills, and teach strategies for dealing with practical realities.
The inevitable follow-up question is: Which institute offers such an ideal combination? Is there such an institute in India? The reassuring answer is: Yes.

TKW’s Institute of Banking and Finance offers a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Banking and Finance that is miles ahead of the competition.

The course is remarkable for the sheer vision and richness of its content, and it’s universality that admits easy transfer of knowledge even to non-finance students and working professionals looking to make a breakthrough into the sector.

From Term 1, that introduces students to basic mathematics, basic accounts and general banking operations, to Term 3, where students gain multifaceted insights into foreign exchange, International trade finance, Finacle, SME finance, currency derivatives, etc., mentorship and hand-holding by faculty ensures robustness in delivery and assimilation of classic theoretical knowledge. The course imparts deep domain knowledge of Banking & Finance.

An added advantage is the focus on experiential learning which is founded on the field level experiences of veteran bankers and industry professionals, to impart real-life management skills to students through active experimentation (doing), concrete experience (feeling), reflective observation (watching) and abstract conceptualization (thinking).

Students learn to think out of the box and develop a problem-solving approach that is much in demand in the industry.

The course content and the methodology are so unique that students of TKWs secure potentially lucrative placement in leading companies in the public and the private sector.


Career Breakthroughs
TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance not only equips its students with the thorough theoretical knowledge and practical experience but also has a Career Management Cell that collaborates with the Placement Cell which is constituted annually and includes a student representative.

The Placement Cell acts proactively and enhances value addition to the student by grooming them for group discussions and personal interviews.

The inputs include personal grooming, dressing for an interview, preparation of a high-quality resume, body language, basic interview manners, voice modulation, and feedback based on a mock interview (including questions related to family and personal background, psychometry of behaviour, education, work experience and general awareness).

For students from TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance, a PG Diploma in Banking and Finance opens the doors to employment in Delhi with blue blood corporates in the sector –Banks (RBI, SBI, YES Bank, Barclays, Axis, Deutsche Bank, etc.), Mutual Funds (ICICI Prudential, Franklin Templeton, DSP BlackRock, TATA , Reliance, etc.), Financial Services (Reliance Money, Bajaj Finance, Motilal Oswal, JM Finance, IndiaBulls, etc.) and Insurance.

If you are fired-up with an all-consuming passion for excelling in the world of banking and finance, TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance has the best PG Diploma in Banking and Finance to set you on your way.