Best Program to Join along with B.Com in Delhi University

There was a point in time when a B.Com graduate was greeted with many accolades. After the graduation celebrations, there would be intense discussion about preparation for a promising career in accountancy or banking.

At the beginning of the millennium, given the colossal competition for lucrative posts in the employment market, a mere graduate stands a remote chance of a successful career.

Only Graduation
There is no gainsaying the fact that B.Com as a graduation is a stepping stone to securing employment.

However, the truth is that a B.Com course is purely academic & theoretical, and a successful student, no matter how proficient academically, ends up with little practical knowledge of ground realities w.r.t the banking & financial services sector, the business and corporate world, the rural and agricultural sector, the microfinance sector, etc.

Recruiters are reluctant to offer prime positions to graduates with no domain specialisation and no field level inputs because of the task of re-skilling them to deal with real life situations. Without value addition, ordinary graduates could at best look forward to a humdrum working life and an average career.

Value Addition
Students who have opted to study for a B.Com degree should plan and add value to their degree qualification by acquiring a professional qualification – Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Tally, Stock Trading, Financial Modelling, etc.

These courses offer in-depth insights into aspects of corporate laws, banking, real estate, taxation, investments, etc. Solving textbook problems is, of course, laudable, but there is no substitute for grappling with and resolving real life challenges. It is then pretty obvious that employers would be inclined towards selecting academically better-qualified students with well-developed problem-solving skills & sufficient exposure.

However, in the usual course, pursuing a professional qualification in succession to graduation takes several years.  The good news is that it is possible to pass out as a B.Com graduate along with an Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance plus qualify as a Company Secretary from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) within just three years.

Three-in-One Qualification
TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance (TKWsIBF) offers students a clear road map to potential success in the Banking & Finance sector. The three-in-one course that it offers is tailor-made for students who have a clear vision of their career path.

The course is synergistic and driven by the objective of preparing students for a professional career in the Banking & Financial Services sector.

The BFSI Skill Council of India has projected an increase in the manpower requirement for the sector from 40 to 45 lakh from where we stand today. This workforce is expected to be academically qualified and also market & industry ready. And that synchronizes with the objectives of the course offered by TKWs IBF.

How it Works
The three-in-one course is spread over six semesters which is equivalent to the duration of the B.Com degree course.

The syllabus of the B.Com course of Delhi University is integrated into the TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance course, and faculty members of colleges affiliated to the Delhi University visit the IBF campus to deliver lectures from time-to-time.

There is, for all practical purposes, no difference between pursuing the B.Com degree course from a conventional college or from TKWs IBF. With IBF. The added advantage is that the course material and lectures for the Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance and the ICSI course for qualification as Company Secretary are dovetailed in the six semesters’ lectures.

The course provides students with in-depth inputs cutting across the entire gamut of operation in the Banking & Financial services sector and the general corporate sector.

Every year, TKWs IBF constitutes a Placement Committee that functions under the guidance and mentorship of the apex level Career Management Cell. It provides training to fine-tune students’ skills in group discussion and personal interviews.

Over the years, students from this Institute have been recruited on campus by leading private and public sector banks (like YES Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, etc.), Insurance companies, mutual funds (Reliance, DSP BlackRock, Tata Mutual Fund, etc.), and a host of market leaders in investment research, investment banking etc.

What next?
The three-in-one course of B.Com (Delhi University) + Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance + ICSI Company Secretary of TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance opens the doors to a rewarding and sustainable career with renowned companies.

The academic inputs, soft skills, computer skills and real-life sourced project work contribute substantially to the ability of students to progress swiftly up the career success ladder. For more information on how you can turn your ordinary B.Com degree into an extraordinary career launcher visit