Best program to pursue along with B.Com from SOL or NCWEB

Best program to pursue along with B.Com from SOL or NCWEB

Picture this: You are enrolled in the B.Com course and have a lot of free time in hand between classes. You ask your peers and parents but they are clueless on what you should do with this free time. Then you come across a music course and join as you had always wanted to learn the guitar. This music course is also a short term course of two months with flexible classes and fits well with your free time at college.

Question: Will you take up a hobby course which does not help you professionally at this stage of your life? If your answer is ‘Yes’, do please read further. If your answer is ‘No’, please skip the next paragraph.

Your aim is to understand the subjects in B.Com properly, be conversant to apply your learnings in the real world scenario and land a good job. Hobbies and interests can be followed later on in life as well. Your time in college should be spent towards understanding the subject of your choice – and bolstering that up with more learnings that will help you propel towards a good job and towards a good income. Although there are no 100% guarantee that a career in music might not have taken you to world recognition but if you had a talent in music, most probably you would have followed that subject till date as well. Follow one dream with a focused mind.

How SOL helps

The School of Open Learning (SOL) is a part of the University of Delhi that has focused on an alternate method of education since its inception. It pivots on providing education to all students in all corners of India even if they are unable to attend the college on a regular basis. This relaxed mode of teaching in no manner makes the course an easy one to be pursued at SOL. It in fact makes the whole process of learning a bit tougher as one has to learn the concepts, clear doubts, etc. many times on your own with lesser interaction face to face with the teacher.

The admission process, the curriculum, as well as the examination at SOL are conducted by the University of Delhi. So you can rest assured as they have a reputation of many decades of producing the best students from their B.Com courses. On many occasions their students have been toppers in various disciplines. A degree from SOL is an automatic degree from University of Delhi and carries the same weight that a regular DU college degree. Many bright students even with above 90% marks and after failing to get into a regular college, seek admission here so the competition is tough.

How NCWEB helps

The Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) was established especially to support the women students in Delhi area to complete their education by taking special coaching at the institute but without attending regular classes. Their lectures happen only on the weekends that allows one to follow their dreams for the rest of the week. But in this age of competition, time wasted in frivolous activities during the week will have an affect on your career later.

They have various centres in different parts of Delhi in the colleges of the University of Delhi, like Kalindi College, Lakshmi Bai College, Hansraj College, Jesus & Mary College, Aurobindo College, etc. that covers up almost the entire expanse of Delhi and allows any woman student to reach these centres of learning easily. Their admission process is also aligned with the University of Delhi and they usually are able to accommodate only 20% of the applicants where the admission is done by a merit list declaring the cut-offs.

Just like it happens at SOL, only the cream of the lot get admission into the folds of NCWEB and the competition is quite stout. It is the choice of place to be enrolled at for thousands of young women who could not join a regular college for various reasons. Here they can attend classes and still make a career.

Additional Courses

The B.Com course from any regular college is a full time course that usually does not allow one the time or the energy left at the end of the day to pursue any hobbies and interests to a large extent. But if you are a student of SOL or NCWEB or any other such institute of open learning where you might have a slightly lax schedule, you might have time enough to enhance your career. In such cases, it is advised to focus first on your normal studies of the B.Com course and then when time permits take up extra courses like Digital Marketing, computer skills, NCFM certifications for stock market, a foreign language maybe or others that might give you a boost in your career of choice.

Choosing the right course should not be done in a hurry or under peer pressure. One should sit down calmly and review the options available. Distance can be a factor in your choice but it should not be at the expense of quality of education of the institute. Similarly, cost involved might be a constraint but view it under the light of the fact that a good institute will also stand you well later in life. Then pick out the courses that you are certain after a discussion with your career experts, guides, mentors and family to help you build up on your B.Com degree. And last of all, do please check out the faculty, the course structure and the course content at such institutes as well as their placement records and past performances of students before making up your mind.

The TKWsIBF advantage

TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance (TKWsIBF) has been working to improve student competencies via its much endorsed experiential learning techniques and a strong industry orientation. This orientation can help a student enrolled at either SOL or NCWEB along with Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance, to be better prepared for the market through its government recognised diploma courses accredited by NABET. This BCom + Banking Program helps commerce students prepare for a fruitful and rewarding career. This program provides regular classes to students to cover DU Bcom Hons Curriculum along with Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance.

Program Details:

This course is best suited for students looking forward to get a strong foundation in accounting with relevant industry skills. This is also the most sought after banking course after 12th and the admissions are through an entrance test and personal inerview.

This comprehensive three year course is a triple edged sword meant for 12th pass commerce students that can provide you with the following degrees together:

  1. Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance
  2. BCom (Hons) from Delhi University (SOL)
  3. Company Secretary Preparation, ICSI (optional)

This triple degree package provides the perfect blend of an academic degree, industry first hand skills and knowledge, banking skills and a professional qualification – all in one go. Recruiters in the industry demand and expect the very best from any student and as per the placement records of TKWsIBF, they are aware that their students are the crème de la crème of each batch. This course could be the perfect choice in case you plan to pursue an MBA later and some people even suggest that it is better than the BBA course as it provides a much deeper understanding of the subject.

This superiority of skills and knowledge in students is achieved through the optional integrated certifications like NSE, Company Secretary, CFP, etc. that not only validate their knowledge but also provide the much needed industry exposure. A B.Com (Hons) degree under the wisely chosen curriculum of Delhi University is not just a basic qualifier for a job in banking but also embeds the student with the necessary groundwork to learn more with many of our students then pursuing higher studies in the form of MBA, CFA, CA, MCom, etc.

A student equipped with this Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance is set to find suitable employment in corporate finance, banks as well as reputable financial companies across the industry. Some students with this superior knowledge and skills tend towards their family business or become entrepreneurs who provide even further employment much needed in the present job market scenario in India.

Best program to pursue along with B.Com from SOL or NCWEB

PG course at TKWsIBF

TKWsIBF also offers Post Graduate courses like Global PG Diploma in Banking and Finance and TKWsIBF Fellowship Program that will blend in well with your other studies while helping build up your career in a direction that you want. The essential trainings and regular interactions with industry professionals helps you tune in to the market needs and requirements while their soft skills experts will groom to make you ready for the professional world. They have extensive libraries and research labs that will help nurture your quest for knowledge and make you better researchers. All of these concentrated trainings shall give you a much more sharpened intellect and a more pleasing personal profile to start your career on a positive and happy note. Good hunting.

Best program to pursue along with B.Com from SOL or NCWEB