Carpe Diem! TKWsIBF students ‘seize the day’ with alumnus Dilkush Jha of Hero Fincorp.

Alumini from Hero Fincorp

It was a proud moment indeed for TKWsIBF when none other than their star ex-pupil Dilkhush Jha of the 2015 batch made the time to meet with students this week. With a score of 94 percent in his 12th standard, Dilkush had left many DU colleges including KMC to join TKWsIBF in 2013. He continued to shine under the expert tutelage of experienced faculty who mold students well, preparing them for the industry. Hero Fincorp absorbed Dilkush Jha, one of the brightest and the best at TKWsIBF during campus placement as a senior executive, Credit division.

Making it interactive –

Today, he quickly set the students at ease with a round of introductions and shared anecdotes from his college and work experience.

Dilkhush Jha, senior executive, Credit division at Hero Fincorp, with a sound understanding of the credit role for inventory funding, deftly fielded the questions that students pose to him, being careful not to let any slip through his nimble fingers.

He set the right expectations, tone, and aspirations for their career with his answers to pertinent questions from eager students such as – “what is the eligibility parameter for this role?”, “How can one clear the campus interview?” etc. He stressed the importance of developing the right attitude, approach, and the correct mindset required to succeed in the corporate world clearing misconceptions that they may have. He dealt in-depth regarding the ground realities that exist and skills needed for growth. He made it clear that there was no substitute for hard work to climb the career ladder.

Seven critical skills and attributes required –

He highlighted seven essential skills that students needed to develop to progress to a leadership position in the corporate environment:

1. Commercial awareness
2. Communication
3. Problem-solving
4. Creativity
5. Time management
6. Teamwork and last but not least
7. Empathy

Dilkhush shared his secret sauce for success concluding the alumni meet by driving home to an enthusiastic audience that a ‘positive attitude,’ ‘commitment’ and an ‘ability to believe in oneself’ were pivotal to achieving one’s career goals in the short and long term.


The rounds of student applause and the cheering response that followed will undoubtedly pave the way for many more similar alumni interactions in the future at TKWsIBF.