Delhi University DO’s & DON’Ts for all B. Com Students

Indeed, even the best school students come to college without a ready-to-learn mindset. They experience a much speedier pace, numerous submissions, more assignments and homework, and considerably more pressure in college than in secondary school. This is most common when you join as a B.Com student at Delhi University. Its not too far, when students will search for courses after bcom.

Different studies demonstrate that most secondary school graduates are basically not set up for college and once in college, most are not set up to succeed. To help you kick start your graduation course in the best possible manner, we have outlined certain guidelines here. They are not Biblical, but will surely help you navigate the fast pace of the University much better.


Do expand your perspectives:
University is the best place for open thinking. Teaching, learning, presentations, libraries, group discussions et al are tools which expand your thinking in several directions and develop perspectives about almost everything around you.

Plan well:
Do planning, analysis, and writing papers well ahead of time, and do seek the help of the teacher in case you experience considerable difficulties.

Do purchase an organizer:
Or build up a framework for monitoring each of your assignments, readings, and papers. Manage time well if you don’t have much experience juggling classes, homework, friends, and so on. This is the most important aspect while studying in DU as the University has many attractions and one might fall prey to them if the priority is not given to right things.

Identify the best in you:
Be a part of your college’s extracurricular activities, like music, drama, sports or anything. Do participate in the college’s Annual Day. These extracurricular or co-curricular activities help you focus on your academics too. They help break the monotony of studies and bring a fresh lease of creativity in you.  Bcom is amongst the popular ones at DU and the you will need to be competitive to get an edge over other students.

Do take charge of your prosperity:
It is easy to blame others, but it won’t help. This is the time you take complete responsibility for your academic progress. Parents, siblings, friends can support or criticize but in the end, you will reap what you sow.

Choose your friends carefully:

Yes, friends can be one of the most valuable assets both during college days and after that. But make sure you choose them wisely. Choose friends who match your value system and are ready to support your life goals.


Try not to stress over grades:
Grades are important. But worrying makes them worse. Instead, focus on continuous improvement. Keep working hard and beat your own scores from one semester to the next.

Don’t skip classes:
It may appear harmless at the beginning. But there will come a point in time when you will regret having done so. Loss of learning & time cannot be replaced. There is nothing fancy about skipping classes, no matter what your peers (or classmates) tell you about.

Don’t study just for the sake of it:
Study because you want to learn, develop perspective and become a better human being. This opportunity doesn’t come later. Many working professionals today struggle to progress in their jobs because they have lost their ability to study further. This is your chance to become a student for life.

Do not compare:
Every individual is one of a kind, and comparing yourself with others just sets you up for disillusionment. Discover what is unique about you and hone it further. Work towards beating your own scores and you will shine through the course.

The best lessons you will learn in the college are lessons of hard work, inspiration & determination. With the above tips, we are sure you will set yourself up for success and some amazing memorable days ahead.