Don’t misjudge the Top Finance colleges in Delhi & NCR

There are finance colleges aplenty, but only a few prepare a student for the workplace. Students think that a college education is all about sitting in class and listening to the professor lecture. The same is then ‘by hearted’ and spewed out in the examination. While in fact there is much more that goes into preparing a student for the workplace. This difference is what separates the best colleges in Delhi including TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance from the other colleges which also offer Finance courses. Here are some wrong interpretations that you need to clear:

1) The best colleges don’t teach well enough to make you job worthy!
As a student you may think that once you are enrolled in a college your job of working towards getting hired is passed onto the college whose responsibility it is to equip me with the skills to make you ‘job worthy’ but this is not always true. Students need to be very careful about which college they select and ensure that the college or institute grooms you with the required resources to spark your career in the right direction. Pick from one of the top Finance colleges in Delhi & NCR, and you are bound to be well trained to start your career on a high!

2) The syllabus has not been updated
Many college professors get comfortable with the study material they have been teaching for years, and therefore they often do not upgrade the curriculum to include new materials. However, at the top colleges, the professors keep themselves updated with the new trends in Finance and they regularly update the syllabus to include the latest developments from industry. Incidentally many teachers who are also working in the Finance field and are best equipped to introduce the latest from the world of Finance to the classroom.

3) They don’t prepare you for the best finance jobs
There is a difference between knowing the subject and being a master. Naturally, the masters will be offered the best Finance jobs after college. This is what separates the best colleges from the others when it comes to Finance. From the syllabus taught in the class to the practical knowledge imparted which helps the students to stand one step ahead at the time of recruitment, the top Finance colleges train you for the best Finance jobs available.

4) They teach a lot of good books but ignore the work skills
You may think that the top Finance colleges focus on teaching the updated and relevant syllabus, but they will fall short when imparting job skills! To prepare students for the workplace, the best colleges help to provide internships for students so that they get a taste for working in the professional world while they are still at college. The best colleges also organize interactions with professionals, at TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance; these interactions are held once a week. At these interactions, students get an idea of what work skills are required in the real world while in the comfort of their classrooms. They are free to ask questions and to clear any doubts about acquiring work skills.

5) Degrees versus practical knowledge
Government degrees from top colleges are given by examinations conducted at the end of the year and are marked only on the syllabus taught in the classroom. While it may seem that these top colleges ignore practical knowledge, the practical knowledge is gained by students through internships, guest lectures and by solving everyday problems that are faced in the jobs that you are preparing for. Remember that the top colleges are well aware of what practical knowledge students need on the job and provide the same along with the syllabus. After all, promotions are given based on actual ability on the job and not for marks obtained!

6) Infrastructure development rather than student welfare
It’s true, some colleges provide excellent infrastructure and may be ignoring student welfare. However, choose from any of the top Finance colleges, and you will find that infrastructure while important comes second to spends on student welfare. After all, if the students are unhappy with the education, there is no point in spending to upgrade the infrastructure.

When choosing a college take your time to visit the top colleges, speak to the students there and also do your research on the first jobs that the alumni started their Finance career with. These will give you a good insight of what the top Finance colleges offer. We wish you the best and hope you find the best college for your needs.