Don’t Waste 3 Precious Years of Graduation

Many students opt for a correspondence degree just for the lure of a universities’ BRAND name, where they were unable to secure admission. But they forget that a correspondence course cannot substitute for the presence of a teacher in the classroom. A few benefits of a regular course which cannot be substituted in correspondence courses are

  1. The discipline of attending daily classes and regular study.
  2. Live interaction with teachers and other students.
  3. Guidance and motivation provided by mentors and experts.

In absence of any guidance, students of correspondence courses study just before the examination. These students use shortcut tools, guides, etc only to pass their exams. Eventually, these students end up wasting 3 precious years of their lives.

On the other hand a student attending regular education is able to understand basic concepts and build a strong foundation of knowledge which helps them throughout their career and personal lives.

A regular course at graduation level is also very important for complete development and grooming of the child. Besides attending classes students pursuing regular degrees are also involved in

  1. Industry linked Assignments and practical Projects
  2. Indoor and Outdoor Sports, professional events and extracurricular Activities
  3. On the Job Training through corporate Internships

Where on completing a correspondence course students get a degree they get a lot more after a regular graduation. What a student gets during 3 years of regular education is

  1. Knowledge & Skills which are essential for professional success.
  2. Confidence for life which will help living a great life.
  3. Placement which will be critical for jumpstarting a career.

Institute of Banking & Finance offers B.Com Banking & Finance (Hons.) – a 3 year regular degree program.

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