Fellowship for Future Leaders of Banking & Finance

The country’s pioneering Banking & Finance Institute, Institute of Banking & Finance was started by TKWs Group with the vision of creating a knowledge centre and to prepare Banking & Finance professionals in the country for the present requirements in the industry. It trains aspirants in honing their competencies & skills required to set foot in the Banking & Finance industry. With a focus on welcoming the finest brains in the country to bring progressive changes in the sector, TKWsIBF introduced Fellowship programs for the applicants of their PG Diploma program.

A Fellowship program is an opportunity provided to an applicant, usually with prior work experience to undertake research studies in a particular topic of their interest. The Fellowship program is a paid program where the applicant is offered a ‘stipend’ while doing research to parallelly maintain their financial stability and continuity of work experience.

At TKWsIBF, the fellowship program is designed for working individuals who are ready to forgo their current employment to continue to acquire in-depth knowledge to establish a much more successful career in the industry.

The Fellowship programs unfold certain benefits:

    • Projects & Training: Fellows will be exposed to an opportunity to pursue a self-designed project or are involved in various consulting & research projects assisting TKWsIBF experts. This will help them acquire the real practical experience while simultaneously getting exposed to different trends in the banking and finance industry.
    • Exposure to professional networks: Often fellowships facilitate the sharing of knowledge among the professionals & help them interact with leaders, experts and mentors of the industry. This gives them more insights about trending practices of Banking & Finance industry.
    • Earn & Learn: The program is designed for working professionals. They apply their professional skills in executing assignments. This will help them gain valuable hands-on experience and learn lessons on the field, thus enhancing skills required for a purposeful career after the Fellowship. Majority of the fellowships are paid, in the form of a stipend, salary, or grant. Hence the applicant is capable of covering his living expenses, thus gaining a semblance of financial independence.
  • Skills & Competency: Gaining a better understanding of the issues encountered in the Banking & Finance industry. Develop decision making and problem-solving skills to approach any problem on the field. Gain relevant knowledge that will help you stand out from others when you step out of the Institute.

The Fellowship is a gateway to esteemed portfolios.

Post-fellowship & degree completion, applicants return to their employment life, either with an elevated portfolio or join in senior roles in a new organisation. The opportunities include various entry / mid-level management roles.

TKWsIBF Fellowship Program for Working Professionals

The candidates who wish to pursue PGDBF program have the opportunity to become a TKWsIBF Fellow. Under this program, the candidates work with TKWsIBF team in different departments while pursuing their studies and will be awarded a stipend of up to Rs 12,000/- per month. They will also be involved in consulting and research assignments done by TKWsIBF for the banking industry. A candidate with Min of 1 year of work experience in a fulltime job is eligible for this program once he clears an interview with the institute’s director.

The fellowship programs can pave a pathway for your career upliftment. You not only grow in your professional network but also enhance your personality.

So are you ready to take the leap?