How to find best paying entry level finance job right out of college

The banking sector in India is perhaps the most exciting service industry to be a part of as the sector is undergoing a churn. Now is the ideal time as any to enter the world of finance and banking. The future is bright as the banking sector embraces technology, and people embrace online banking and digital payments. Simplifying the process of transferring money from one account to another or from one mobile to another, technology has started to play a significant role in banking. Nowadays you can perform any banking transaction not only on your computer but also on the mobile app! Recruiters are looking to develop a motivated team which is always ready to adopt new processes and adapt. While it is clear that there is a need for a new breed of banker who understands technology while still providing a strong knowledge of traditional banking listed here are qualities which will help you to find the best jobs.

1. Academic qualifications
There is no shortcut to knowing the basics of any subject. The same applies for banking and finance as well. It is important to attend a reputed institution that provides a high level of knowledge to the students which will set them apart from their peers. Additionally, the job seeker also needs to develop the ability to think like a banker, and this will grow with interactions with bankers and by spending time in a bank. Look for institutions that offer regular interactions with industry experts and provide industry knowledge by placing students for internships in banks.

2. Are you prepared?
Having the knowledge is only one aspect that recruiters look for, but are you as the candidate offering yourself for the job prepared? Have you decided what banking job excites you and how you will communicate this excitement to the recruiter? As a candidate, it is your burden to do background work on the bank you are applying to and to understand the requirements of that particular institution. You need to show that you understand the recruiters’ world and are ready to take your place in it.

3. Show your ability to think
Being part of the millennial generation, you have the potential to think outside the box. Highlight your ability to come up with new ideas and fresh perspectives to the recruiter. Remember that you will be able to come up with relevant new ideas only when you have a good understanding and knowledge of how the banking and finance sector works.

4. Teamwork
You cannot achieve everything by yourself. Remember to show that you are willing to work in teams and highlight relevant examples of your experience of working in teams. A recruit who is ready to share knowledge and work within a framework to complete his/her task is a great plus for any bank.

5. Motivation
Any recruiter is looking for motivated candidates. In the finance field, you are required to deliver in high-pressure situations. You need to show that the job is more than just the means of survival, that you are looking to exceed expectations and give more than that is required because you are passionate and motivated to reach the top of the ladder!

Reputed institutions such as TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance provide more than just banking education; they ingrain banking into every student who comes to them. They convert students into banking professionals with their in-depth course knowledge, regular interactions with senior bankers, unparalleled onsite industry exposure and through day-long workshops with industry peers.