From students pen: life at TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance

I am fortunate to grow up in a nuclear faily where my parents never restricted to just their own experience. While I was given the freedom to explore my career options. I always felt their need to not give me the solution of all my problems but to be a part of the process by sharing  their interaction with people and realities of the world. This is where I believe TKWsIBF (TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance) is helping   me achieve my goals. The journey towards the path is never-ending, and we grow by adapting something new each day and unlearning certain skills which are no more in use. To forget the effort of inculcating skills where I invested and start from scratch in certain areas is a challenging process but in the professional world, this has become the need of the hour. 

The institute has helped me to deal with my emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) through their version of Experential Learning Techniques (ELT). I always had a keen interest in the financial aspects of our economy that helped me to understand certain aspects of the world economy as well. When I started to look for my college options, I chose to attend regular college courses like everybody else. After doing one great year I wanted something more to support my endeavor for practical knowledge. While going through various sources, I found TKWsIBF as the best alternative to start out of the rest. 

Vocational Training is a new concept especially in India whereas in many countries around the world people have a general practice to go for these focused training courses. After completing a year here, I have realized the need to know all these financial aspects at an early age. Many of the modules taught at this institute have changed the dynamics of how I understand finance. The key is not just to know everything today. The institution’s focus is to make learning a daily habit no matter how successful one becomes. In this modernizing world, I know that till the time I cannot unlearn and relearn new developing products and technologies becoming successful is going to take even longer.

In the banking sector, the revolution of online-based banking has changed the scenario altogether. Blockchain is being advertised to become the new method of dealing in finance and Cryptocurrency is an example. Payment methods have changed. Fintech has been leading the world outside and is creating a big mark in the Indian market too. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are going to be the game changers in a decade. This place has taught me not to jump into all these developments from day 1. By beginning with a clear mind and an effort to look beyond the subject by giving dedicated time to self-study I feel more passionate with every passing day. It is the know-how of finance that has made me more confident. The competition is fierce but, worrying more about myself and not what others would say I definitely will continue to achieve greater heights.

From students pen: life at TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance

Manish Garg hosting 4th bankers Meet with a fellow student

Before making a final decision, everybody measures institutions through the placement packages. I personally interacted with graduates of the TKWsIBF placed in financial companies and banks, and all of them suggested me to go for it, as they found the course to be extremely helpful. The point of the placements is not just to get a higher package but to become the best in the job offered. To beat the competition, it is very necessary to be different in the style of working than others to achieve a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. Although the Institute infrastructure may not be the best, I have seen, yet their pedagogy of teaching through productive tools and examples is unparalleled. The faculty are specialized in their field and are experienced working professionals. Project Submission is the most important learning of the course. All skills are put to test here. These projects provide deep insights into where we are and push us beyond our limits. I believe it to be the essence of the curriculum. The college sees the broader aspect and gives training on presentations, selling skills and professional banking communication. These skills are not considered relevant in our education system still they are lifelong skills and are used in all aspects of one’s professional life. The workshops for personal development in classes help me to stand out of the crowd.

Booming Freshto is one such event for new batches joining the college. It is not just a fresher’s party like all others. Responsibilities are assigned and teams are made. It is organized by the freshers themselves. Every day we went out to either find vendors for food or booking a place or coordinating between different teams depending on the tasks of each team. After the event the following day, the class is briefed step by step about how each person feels they could improve making it an experiential learning project. The same goes for all the extra-curricular activities and events that happen here.

Student life at the premises involves lots of activities. Celebrating festivals provides an essential break and help to socialize better. Guest Lectures are part of the learning process, which is been given by the top leaders and advisors of various banks during the weekends giving fresh inputs of the working world. The Bankers Meet is the biggest BFSI Think-tank event in India organized by the TKWs Society. 

This year I was very fortunate to be given an opportunity to be a team member of the organizing committee of 4th The Banker’s Meet. It is the flagship event of TKWs Society. The event was hosted on 28th February this year in Le Meridien, New Delhi. The Banker’s Meet attracts the top bankers in the country. Students are given the chance to not only be a part on the event day like other conferences but manage all the things. From calling people, making the souvenir, sending invitations, deciding the menu, being on stage, attending the guest, having meaningful conversations and asking questions directly from the country’s top banking and financial sector leaders.

Students make the entire event happen. The platform and confidence the institute has given me is the start every student would want. I consider myself very blessed to be given the opportunity to represent TKWsIBF as the MC on stage. Being with people who play a vital role in the financial aspects of major corporations has helped me to think like them. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, to put to use the learning I acquired during the last 1 year at TKWsIBF and get a real-life glimpse of the nuances of the banking and finance world. I believe it has given the impetus to every student to dream big and do much more to create a successful project and achieve their full potential.

The Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance has paved a path for my career in Banking and Finance, and I hope more and more students have the courage to take this step and aim higher.

Manish Garg

ADBF – 2018 Batch

TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance