Graduate? Stuck in a wrong career? Take the plunge towards the right opportunity.

Generally, people believe that graduates have many career opportunities available with them in Accounting and Computer Fields, Finance and Banking Industry, Corporate Sector and at most levels in the Public Sector. Their jobs can include administration, credit control, hospitality, management, business planning and development, production planning and control, purchasing, inventory control, service delivery, quality management, marketing, retail sales and travel and tourism.

But how true is all this?

With lakhs of students graduating in India annually, there is a wide choice for employers. How does one really get a break? Take a look at what can make you stand out and help build a strong career.

Enter the Corporate World: Get away from the typical Government-job mindset. There is an exciting world of opportunity and growth in private enterprises, where not only your degree but knowledge, interpersonal skills and experience contribute to your career growth.

Get Relevant Education: There is no point in collecting degrees like M.Com or MBA and being one in the sea pool of freshers? Or reaching the same roadblock 2 or 3 years down the line. Employers are looking for smart students and job savvy freshers from the vast talent pool available to them. B.Com Degree does provide a strong foundation to pursue different career paths in commerce. But an added specialisation in banking and finance makes the students highly sought-after in the industry.

Become Computer Savvy: To be a part of the rising job industry in the market today, one has to have a good working knowledge of computers. Financial Modelling is the practical application of finance taught in Commerce and Finance degrees. Regular education equips the learner with the basics of finance. But Financial Modelling builds the practical working aspects of finance. The participants in the PG Diploma in Banking and Finance at TKWsIBF learn to gather historical information about companies, analyse their performance on various financial parameters and then use this information to build successful models to project the future performance of these companies. Visit to know more about career options.

Get the Right Certification: A Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance will be the best career decision for those having good interpersonal skills and a flair for numbers. The program teaches students the basics of banking and finance and then advances to exposing them to the essential practicalities of the banking & finance industry. The course prepares the candidates for PO exams in the public sector & private sector banks also making them job-ready banking & finance professionals. With a Certificate in International Trade and Finance (CITF), conducted by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), a student can be a perfect fit in any trade department of a bank.

Be Job Ready: Academic knowledge alone will not open up the required avenues available for you. A PG Diploma in Banking and Finance course equips you with experiential methods, tours, teamwork, faculty and networking within the industry. The course is held by academicians from leading B-Schools and Universities and professionals from leading banking and financial institutions. The course will get fresh graduates from commerce backgrounds the right job openings. If you are an employee with a low salary package or working in customer care, BPO, etc., and wanting to take your career to a whole new level, become job-ready with a practical course in Banking and Finance.