Graduation: Take the Road Less Travelled and See the Difference

Majority of students and their parents believe that graduation is the first rung on the ladder of success. But, that dream of success often turns out to be only a myth because traditional graduation is out of sync with employment market realities.

By and large, colleges and universities offer standard, run-of-the-mill degree courses which are centered around static curricula.

That which was taught more than a decade ago continues to resound in musty classrooms while the world around has forged ahead. But, there are exceptions to every rule, and for the perceptive, discerning, forward-looking, career aspirant, there is TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance.

The dynamic, evolutionary course content and cutting edge learning techniques at TKWsIBF are a class apart.

What You Get in Traditional Graduation
The syllabus in traditional graduation is biased in favour of dissemination of information; a kind of creation of glorified functional literacy, in whatever the field of study that you may have selected.

These syllabi have been designed with blinkered vision, and without any connect with the demands of industry. Professors generally restrict themselves to imparting only the content that lies between the front cover and the back cover of the prescribed textbooks.

Traditional graduation sounds the death knell for creative thinking and self-expression with its approach of rewarding students with high marks for faithfully reproducing the limited viewpoints that have been printed in the textbooks and taught in the classroom.

It is, therefore, hardly surprising, that attending classroom sessions is treated as an avoidable burden. Students are convinced that there would be no intellectual deficit suffered by being absent from the classroom.

What You Get at TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance
TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance offers you a syllabus that is synchronized with the evolving needs of the industry.

The style of education encourages creative thinking, independent research, and self-learning that leads to “Eureka” moments for students. The course content is carefully designed with a finger on the pulse of the industry and is futuristic in its conceptualization and visualization of the future.

The Institute believes that no deserving student should be denied the opportunity to unleash their latent potential only because of financial constraints and, therefore, offers assistance in arranging for financial support for deserving students.

The guest faculty who are the knowledge transfer vehicles are not only professionally qualified and experienced workforce veterans, but also visionary in their thinking and transmission of inputs. Students of TKWs also enjoy the unqualified advantage of sharing time, space and thoughts with industry leaders who share real life experiences, and define their expectations from the leaders and service providers of tomorrow.

Theoretical inputs are bolstered by experiential learning based on ground level case studies that encourage out of the box thinking and a problem-solving approach; a hallmark of the learning experience at TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance.

The Institute also recognizes the criticality of helping students develop a potent array of soft skills. Effective communication skills, time management, relationship building, leadership qualities are all focus areas during the course through participation in study tours, leadership summits, international certification and study tours, bankers’ meets, etc. – every student of TKWs stands out for his ELQ – Executive Like Qualities.

And, at the end of the course, post study assistance is offered for securing placement with major players in the banking and finance firmament.

TKW’s Institute of Banking and Finance promotes analysis (not only information assimilation), experiential values (not only theoretical knowledge), holistic domain expertise (not only marks), interactive learning (not monologues), and development of soft skills (not only knowledge of cold, lifeless formulae).