How a One Year PG Diploma Changed My Life

Brooding over my lunch in the staff canteen, I watched as the Vice-President walked up to my colleague at the table behind me, and suggested that he make a bid for the post of an Assistant Vice President that had opened up, considering that he was talented, had the work experience and held a postgraduate qualification. A fortnight later, everyone was congratulating my colleague on his elevation while I continued as an Account Manager. I had clearly missed the bus.

The Pain of Ineligibility
Every employee looks forward to career growth and nobody would want to be stuck in a rut for years together. I was no different. I believed that hard work would count. It did, and the annual increments and the appreciation letters did come but there was no sign of career advancement. And then I overheard that conversation and straightaway the pain of ineligibility hit home. The way to successful career progression lay not just in work performance but began with a qualification that would make my resume attractive and establish my intellectual credentials. I decided to study for a PG Diploma.

The Challenges
The decision to discontinue my employment and re-enter the classroom was, by no stretch of imagination, an easy one. My family had its reservations about my ability to apply myself to scholastic endeavour after a three years break, and the wisdom of my incurring a fairly substantial debt to finance TKWs Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance that I had selected.

I convinced my family about my dedication and commitment to the course as integral to building a vertical career path. I viewed the temporary discontinuation of my contribution to the family kitty and the debt that I had contracted as an investment for the future. With the Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance, I was confident of winning a prized job with one of the leading corporates in the banking universe that would soon make my loan a thing of the past. I could visualize a bright future unfolding.

The Opportunities
The TKWs PGD was the key that opened the locked doors of career success for me. What is unique about the course is its combination of theoretical knowledge and experiential learning. That exceptional process proved to be an irresistible attraction for head hunters.

Suddenly, rather than I looking for employers, employers were looking for me. Imagine my elation when I was presented with an offer for a post two rungs above where I was when I embarked upon my sabbatical. And it was not just about designation and status; my opening CTC pay package was 18% more than what I had been drawing. The PG Diploma opened the doors to career building opportunities.

Time flies and today, 3 years from the day I first held my PGD and offer letter in my hands, I am on the cusp of breaking into senior management. I know because of the telephone call early one morning from the director’s office and the positive reinforcement conveyed by knowing smiles and nods in the elevator, around the water cooler and in the corridors. The outstanding loan will be repaid in another year thanks to an accelerated payback schedule that was made possible by my compensation package.

The toughest decision I made was to walk away from my humdrum 9 to 6 job as an Account Manager and study for TKWs Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance. But, it was also the smartest decision I ever made. I walk now with my head held high. My sedan, purchased with my resources, is parked downstairs and a plush, brand new, 3 bedrooms house in a cozy suburb will be ready for possession next month.

Today, I am what I am because of my PG Diploma.

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