How are salaries of freshers determined by companies

How are salaries of freshers determined by companies?

Many final year students depend upon campus placements to find their dream jobs in their dream companies. Companies also benefit from this arrangement to find the best minds at a single sitting who can be easily aligned to their individual processes to enhance their performance. And for this reason alone, companies usually do not reject a candidate outright unless the candidate is completely off-sync or does not want the job at all. But many times one complains and wonders amongst their peer groups regarding how one student got a much higher salary offer than the other for the same position. Sometimes even a student who has scored more gets a lesser offer than some of the others. This leads one to think if there is more involved in these screening tests and interviews that meets the eye.

When it comes to a hiring decision, there are a variety of reasons that companies offer towards not selecting a particular applicant. These reasons range from poor skill sets to a poor fit to the organisation’s culture or something even more qualitative like poor oratory skills. As soon as you walk into the interview room, you are being judged for each and every thing that you do, whether verbal or non-verbal. Every nuance of your behaviour is under the utmost scrutiny. Most companies have their own special recruitment processes that are aligned with their individual processes and outlooks but here are a few things that all companies do focus upon while they recruit.

  1. An unstructured resume: This is the very first point of contact with the company and many resumes get rejected a first glance itself that are not well structured. Most recruiters consider a candidate exclusively based on the way the resume looks. A resume that is well prepared and structured shows that the candidate is responsible and has a professional approach. TKW Institute of Banking and Finance (TKWsIBF) provides help to set your resume in a manner that it leaves an impact on the recruiters.

  2. Poor attitude: Too much makeup, funky clothes, not shaved, dirty nails, wearing casual footwear as well as your walking gait, your body language, hairstyle etc. are some of the things that can get you rejected. These show that the person is not professional and such people are a big red sign at any company. TKWsIBF provides grooming lessons and sessions with soft skills trainers to help you improve your areas that need work to help ace the interview.
  3. Shoddy preparation: Preparation has to be done on at least two fronts, one academic and the other by knowing the company and profile of the job that you are being interviewed for. For both types of preparation, hard work, networking with people and discussing any anomalies with your teacher will help you understand the topic better. These two things are:
    1. Academic: Preparation for these interviews started right from the day you entered into your institution of choice for your field of study. All the subject knowledge, practical knowledge and projects that you undertook have been shaping your mind towards the subject. This knowledge will justify that your concepts are clear and will justify that you will be able to perform the task well at work that will make up your KRAs. We at TKWsIBF ensure that you have a good blend of not just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge of the work by interacting with companies directly through industry visits, talks by industry experts and project work with chosen industry stalwarts.
    2. Company specific: Before going for the interview prepare by searching things like the company’s mission and values, try to figure out their trouble area from what they are offering and their products and services. If they have subsidiaries, check them out as well before you make up your mind. Speaking to your teachers at TKWsIBF will also give you information about the companies as well as speak to any seniors who have joined this company.
  4. Lack of Enthusiasm: A welcome smile when you enter the interview room and a firm handshake will make you more likeable. Man is a social animal and these non-verbal clues give away what your brain is thinking more easily than we realise. Some of these like not making eye contact with a stranger, shaking hands loosely, shuffling into the room, etc. will project you as being not friendly and affect the scores that the interview gives towards selecting you for the job. But these visual clues can be controlled by us to project a friendly countenance even though in reality one might be nervous enough to just bolt. TKWsIBF provides training in soft skills and body language by industry known experts to provide you with that edge needed for your job interview.
  5. Communication: Most interviews are conducted in English but communication is more than just restricted to flawless English. It also integrates overall gestures and stature. Your positive attitude and confidence levels are under scrutiny right from the second you enter the room and not just when you start to speak. Hastily answering a question without giving it proper thought will not hurry that offer letter towards you. Many interview questions have a small glitch that the interviewer has introduced to check your presence of mind. A well thought answer will be compelling and clever.
  6. Not having a clear career goal: As a fresher, you must have been discussing a million things that you may turn to and make them your career but when you have decided that the interview for this particular job at this particular company is your career goal you should be in-sync with the services you can offer to the company. Making clear goals regarding your next five years of life and trying to stick to them will help you reach them easily. At TKWsIBF we encourage this discussion and put you in touch with professionals who are working at large companies to answer your queries. These interactions will ensure that you can plan better and when you reach the interview you are very clear about how you want to lead your life. This clarity in your thought will reflect to your exterior and in the convincing manner of your speech. This professional attitude will then attract the recruiter to present that much awaited offer letter.

Our advanced soft skills trainings and mock interviews test each student on their ability to express themselves to be the winner during these campus search interviews where recruiters probably meet hundreds of candidates but they remember that one candidate who made a lasting impression with not just the subject knowledge but also the humble yet confident attitude. This positive attitude combined with the right subject knowledge that TKWsIBF demands and hone in every student ensures that our students get the top most salaries that these companies offer. Usually recruiters keep the lower bracket of salary for people with less skills and a more reserved kind of attitude which is not conducive to corporate work.

Your problem solving and logical thinking skills are in much demand during any campus placement recruitments. TKWsIBF provides company specific details in advance that you should study and discuss with your teachers or mentors to figure out the requirements of the company and their trouble areas. A recruiter is on the lookout for people who have an ability to solve a problem as such people will most definitely absorb new things easily and help solve larger problems.

Industry visits and live industry assignments are a part and parcel of our courses at TKWsIBF which make sure that our students have a field to apply their knowledge attained in the classrooms and libraries to the real world. This corporate exposure tunes our students to the companies much earlier than at other institutes to ensure that our students get the much needed boost.

Recruiters evaluate any candidate on a mixture of different criteria. Having good soft skills but not a good knowledge of your subject will not work. This will not even get one to the interview stage and simply knock you out of the subject level testing. But having moved to the interview stage will test your soft skills and language skills. This stage will test you on your behaviour, your attitude towards the work and your grasp of the subject fundamentals and your understanding of them to adopt them to a real life problem and solve it. One needs to sharpen both these areas to be successfully recruited.

Any student from TKWsIBF has a better chance at these campus placement drives and interviews as they are provided with the skills required to ace these interviews. The faculty and course curriculum ensures that the students have a full course and understand the fundamentals of their choice of subject well. Industry visits and symposiums or talks by industry experts ensures that they are well aware of the latest developments in the market. These interactions also give them a flavour of what they might expect when they hit the job market.