How to Land a Non-Sales Finance Job with a B.Com Degree?

These days, students are more inclined towards B.Com degree compared to other courses like B.B.M., B.B.A., etc. B.Com graduates are the most suitable for many jobs in the finance, banking and commerce industry.

A regular B.Com degree usually lands you in certain basic roles including as Accountants in businesses, or Sales jobs in the finance and insurance industry, call centre jobs in the BPO sector.

Some of you may feel that having a B.Com degree can open doors to many popular career options. But hold on! The reality is, having just an ordinary B.Com degree is not going to help you reach the pinnacle of success as it does not make you employable or job-ready. You will find most of the times; the B.Com graduates end up taking unskilled sales jobs which have no requirement of their degree. Further, these are low paid jobs with little or no scope for career growth.

According to the survey by the University Grants Commission, every year around 50 lakhs students get their graduate degrees and of these almost 9 lakhs are B.Com graduates. We all know very well that it is next to impossible for all these freshers to get a good job. Knowing this, many students try to get other degrees along with their B.Com. However, the fact of the matter is just acquiring another degree cannot make a B.Com graduate employable. It merely postpones their entry into the job market. So what is the solution?

Experiential Education: Adding wings to the B.Com degree
If you really want to be job-ready, then opting for experiential education is a must. It offers various advantages like,

  • Increases your employability in in the industry
  • Helps you grab relevant jobs commensurate with your education
  • It gives them a practical education that goes beyond classroom learning
  • Improves the decision-making ability of students
  • Trains students to work as a team
  • Nurtures leadership qualities
  • Involves tours and interaction with the experts which gives the students a taste of the real world, so the
  • transition from student life to work life is smooth.
  • It leads to skill development of students and enhances their confidence

TKWsIBF: For the best experiential education
If you have decided to pursue a career in the banking and finance sector and are looking for good experiential education, then you can opt for TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance (TKWsIBF). The Government-recognised Institute was started in 2010 by TKWs Group with the vision of creating a knowledge centre of excellence for the banking sector.

A three-year advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance plus B.Com (Delhi University) plus Company Secretary (from ICSI) helps students cover conventional curriculum plus gives students a good grounding in banking and finance. Students with this degree will have an upper edge over those who complete merely a B.Com degree after class 12th.

If you want to get a competitive edge in the fast-growing banking and finance sector, then you need to opt for a well-crafted course (designed with inputs from the industry veterans) like the one offered by TKWsIBF. The Institute’s key offerings include Experiential Learning Techniques (ELT) and strong industry orientation. At TKWsIBF, students are taught by ex-bankers, industry professionals and corporate leaders.

All these efforts taken by the Institute make it the best in the field: it’s ranked #1 Banking Institute in the nation. Further, the well-placed alumni of the Institute speak volumes about the kind of exposure and education that the students get. This boosts the confidence of the students and helps them in getting good internships and jobs in reputed corporate houses in the field.

Students with B.Com plus Experiential Learning can explore opportunities in non-sales field as Financial Analysts, Accounts and Finance Executives, MIS Executives, Finance Officers, Auditor, Tax Accountant, Sales Analyst, Business Analyst etc.