How to Prepare for New-age Banking and Finance Roles

How to Prepare for New-age Banking and Finance Roless

Are you looking to start and grow a career and excel in the banking and finance industry? If the answer’s yes, you surely need more than just accounting and finance knowledge.

The banking and finance industry is continuously transforming, with technology at the center of the evolution. With financial institutions using technology to offer innovative products and solutions, employee roles have also changed. For example, traditionally, finance professionals needed to display an understanding of finance and accounts, but today computerized systems manage most of these repetitive tasks.

As a result, the new-age banking and finance career roles are highly tech-driven and specialized. This requires aspiring candidates to leave no stone unturned to compete and sustain in this ever-changing industry. Today, we will discuss these new-age careers and offer tips to best prepare for them.

Banking and finance roles in modern times

Banking and finance companies are taking a step ahead from traditional modus operandi. While it has opened new opportunities, you’ll have to be pretty focused with your approach and preparations. Some of the leading career opportunities in the new-age banking and finance companies are:

  • Digital lending – using digital technologies for acquiring customers, assessing their creditworthiness, approving and disbursing loans, and managing recovery and customer service.
  • Crypto investing – offering advisory services in buying and selling cryptocurrencies and NFTs, building a portfolio, and staking and lending.
  • Algo trading – helping people use automated algorithms to place trades in the stock market.
  • Digital payments – different roles in the digital space sector, including UPI transfers, merchant POS transactions, etc.
  • Robo advisory – assisting investors use automated services for managing their investments.
  • Financial modeling – creating an easy-to-understand summary of an organization’s financials to help make informed decisions.
  • Digital banking – banking conducted using a paperless digital medium.
  • Blockchain-related systems and processes – assisting financial companies in leveraging the benefits of blockchain across functions, including payments, settlement systems, raising funds, tokenization, customer KYC, loans, etc.

Fundraising, Investment valuation, and many more follow in the industry as some of the leading employment stakeholders. Now, the question arises:

How can you prepare for these roles?

Let’s look at what is required from a candidate to land a job in the banking and finance industry:

  • A bachelor’s degree in commerce or a degree in management
  • Good analytical, communication, people-management, crisis-handling, and critical thinking skills. These might vary based on the type of job you opt for.
  • A solid network to stay in the know of the latest developments in the industry.
  • A banking and finance course that can help you build the most relevant skills

If you plan to build a career in banking and finance, consider enrolling into a course in banking and finance that covers the latest changes in the industry and prepares you for new roles. Such courses also open up avenues to work in different banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sectors. There is always a demand for professionals who are either experienced or knowledgeable about how the industry works. Such candidates usually get better-paying jobs in good organizations.

To help fresh graduates launch their careers in such a rapidly changing banking and finance space, TKWsIBF’s 1-year flagship program in banking and finance has been upgraded.

The program will help you build the right skill sets and prepare for new-age career options such as Product Development, Digital Lending, Fund Raising, Algo Trading, Digital Payments, Robo Advisory, Digital Banking, FinTech, Blockchain, and many more.

The program uses Experiential Learning Techniques, develops 48 professional skills, and provides practical exposure through 3 real-life projects. After successful placement, the alumni get entry to a 7-digit salary club and lifetime placement support.

Plus, the program offers

  • Industry-linked assignments, use cases, and research projects for maximum corporate exposure
  • Integrated certifications in Investment Banking, Business Banking, and International Trade Finance and additional certifications in CFP, NCFM, Mutual Funds, Credit Appraisal, and Trade Finance
  • 100% placement assistance with 14 placement prep sessions, personalized mentoring, 5 mock interviews, and post-placement hand-holding
  • A strong alumni network of 1000+ professionals working with leading banking and financial institutions

So far, 88 BFSI companies have hired our students, with an average of 5 interviews per student. TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance is governed by CMDs and CXOs of leading Banks and is consistently ranked as the best banking institute since 2010.

Summing up

The banking and finance sector is becoming increasingly competitive due to lucrative jobs and lifelong careers. Developing skills and training from seasoned professionals is essential to build a successful career. Preparing for a career in the new-age banking and finance careers requires understanding how technology has changed traditional processes and innovations in the industry. As a result, you can be better prepared to launch your banking and finance career with the right institute and faculty. Good Luck!