TKWsIBF sponsors Delhi’s biggest school adventure event

At this IBF event, over 2000 students from 300 schools could be seen demonstrating their mental strength while performing team and individual tasks. The only difference was that the classroom, in this case, was an outdoor venue of an adventure camp at Gurgaon. The event hosted by Rannvijay and Rocksport offered a 5Km Adventure race with several activities like Hot Air Ballooning, Rock Climbing, etc on the sidelines.

Institute of Banking & Finance which is a staunch believer in Experiential Learning chose to sponsor this interschool adventure race because of the role that adventure plays in building life skills and emotional quotient of a student. IBF was a co-sponsor along with Hansaplast, Pearsons and others at Season 3 of Rocksport Challenge. Team IBF was at the venue challenging the students by quizzing them on general awareness about banking and financial literacy. The students who could give 3 correct answers were awarded Knowledge Champ certificates. More than 50 school principals and 100s of teachers present at the event applauded this initiative of IBF.

IBF students also got a chance to overcome their fears and become more confident by participating in various adventure activities. After successfully completing the 5 Km Challenge Tushar, an IBF student excitedly said that “Now I’m sure, I can complete any challenge that comes my way in my life.” Students and Team IBF were enthralled when the organizer Rannvijay personally visited the IBF stall and clicked selfies with the volunteers present.

Overall the event was a great success for TKWsIBF and it managed to introduce banking as an exciting career opportunity to over 1 lakh students engaged through the event.

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