TKWsIBF Students Break the Box with Mr. Rajiv Khurana

The students of TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance attended an enthusiastic session presented by Delhi Management Association “Break the Box with Mr. Rajiv Khurana”- The ICE Imperatives for Career Excitement on February 25th.

Mr. Rajiv being a senior Management Consultant with over three decades of experience presented the session by hitting the right chord with the students. The session was not only for the students because the excitement in one’s career can start at any age, so the session was attended by CEOs, faculty, public speakers and even retired officials from corporate.

Key Learning of the Session:

  1. The new rules of competition, to be paranoid i.e. too keep changing oneself and not to remain certain and rigid, try to disrupt yourself to achieve more and go to war for talent which means try to figure out one’s talent no matter how hidden it is.
  2. Any excitement should awake you and kick start the career in any stage.
  3. Every time initiate a new mistake, but never repeat the mistake.
  4. Take as much risks as you can, fail often in the risks taken but always remember an idea at the right time would not fail.
  5. Create your personal brand and transform it consistently.
  6. Embrace the curiosity and extend the creativity for innovation.

The session ended with the questions from the audience and few professionals were enthralled by the students of IBF. Ms. Usha a final year student of Advance Diploma in Banking and Finance and Mr. Ojashvi a student of Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance got applauded for the queries asked by them.