IBF welcomed Maldivian Students for a GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE

Institute of Banking & Finance, New Delhi hosted the students and faculty of MAPS College, Maldives on March 24th, 2015 for Knowledge Exchange. It was an extravagant evening with varied exchange of ideas and thoughts from another side of the world on emerging challenges and characteristics of business. The evening started with a “Walkthrough Tour of India” presented by IBF student Ms. Shikha Gour for the guest College to know more about India.

The workshop further proceeded by Prof. Amit Goyal, Director IBF speaking on “Technology in transforming a Business”. He also threw light on “Entrepreneurship & Art of Idea” while discussing Rags to Riches stories of renowned Indian entrepreneurs. Students were later divided into six groups with a mix of Indian & Maldivian students in each. They participated in spontaneous presentations and group discussions. Students were encouraged to innovate and brainstorm a few global business ideas.

The Maldivian students devoured the Indian traditional snacks that were served as refreshment; Presentation of souvenirs by Indian students to the Maldivian friends added to the heart-warming hospitality.

The session was concluded with students of both countries taking home a memorable lesson on power of co-creation.

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