India creates Guinness World Record by forming the Largest Human Image of Lung

It takes determination, extraordinary skills and unwavering commitment to set a Guinness World Record. The Lung Care Foundation with an active support from TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance attempted and succeeded at this feat. The Guinness World Record had a new entry on December 23rd, 2017 when India created a new record by forming the largest human image of an organ.

The previous record was made by China in November 2015 when 1500 participants got together to create an image of an oversized lung. India broke the record with 5100 participants forming the largest image of the lung at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi. This record was created by the “Lung Care Foundation” to create awareness about air pollution. The program itself was World’s largest Air Pollution Awareness Program. The event was witnessed by Anil Baijal, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

Largest Human Image of Lung

In making this record possible, TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF) played a unique role. The team of students led by Academics Coordinator Ankita Kundhiya, worked together with the Lung Care Foundation in planning and practising for the task. The students worked closely with Dr. Arvind Kumar and Dr.Rajiv Khurana to make this attempt possible.

With this, yet again, TKWsIBF students proved that they can achieve any milestone through their hard work and right guidance from learned professors. Organising such a massive gathering gave the students another opportunity for experiential learning, which is at the heart of teaching-learning process at the Institute. Through this, the students not only learnt to handle the logistics of such a huge event but also understood as to what goes into the planning and preparation of a task which involves such large number of people. The confidence and self-esteem boost that the students got after this achievement would permanently change their personality and help them climb the success ladder easily. The learning and memories gained while working on this project will always remain etched in the minds of the students and will motivate them to work harder towards their goals.


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