Life After Graduation: Expectations versus Reality

Nearly every graduate feels that graduation is a one-way ticket to “El Dorado”, the legendary city of gold.

With a degree certificate in hand, graduates are confident that sky is the limit, and that a la Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte; they can also set out to conquer the world.

While confidence is a virtue, overconfidence can lead to downfall. Most often, soon after securing first employment, reality hits home and legions of graduates sit with dazed expressions on their faces muttering, “But, we never learned about this in college”.

Expectation 1
I have an appointment letter in my hand. This is the job that I have always dreamed of. From here on things will get better and better.

Reality 1
Three months later, there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind – I am convinced that I am chest deep in a muddle, and it is only a matter of time before I am swallowed up.
My three years of study never prepared me for anything like this. There is a world of difference between theoretical knowledge and actual working paradigms.

Expectation 2
Once I prove myself I will be promoted and become rich and famous. I believe that aspiring for career advancement is an admirable trait because without ambition there is often no progression.

Reality 2
It’s now been three years and I seem to be stuck in a rut. I used to feel that the magic bus of promotion is about to turn the corner but it just never seems to arrive. I realize now that for a mere graduate like me, promotion is as far away as the moon. The simple truth is that there are younger better qualified post-graduates (PGs) entering laterally and capturing the middle management posts. Wrapping up academics after graduation may not be a wise decision.

Expectation 3
My future will be crystal clear to me. My knowledge of finance and hard work will be rewarded with promotions; special assignments which will help establish my credentials and co-option onto High Level Committees.

I will devote serious thought to which model of sedan to purchase, identify a three bedrooms apartment in an up-market location, and settle down in life with a loving wife and child.

Reality 3
The Vice-President seems to be satisfied with my output, my Annual Performance Appraisals have always been in the ‘good’ category and there has hardly ever been any hesitation on his part in recommending grant of my annual increment. But, that is where it all comes to an end. There seems to be no worthwhile future. It looks like I am destined to slave at this 9 to 6 job every day of my life, be jostled in the bus and train every day, come home to my single bedroom apartment, and be content with my annual increments.

Expectation 4
I’ll be best friends with all my office colleagues. I will be the life and soul of office parties. Everybody will be more than happy to cooperate and collaborate with me and be a member of my team.

Reality 4
I am not able to hit it off with many people. On most work days, I sit alone in my cubicle performing whatever work I have been assigned. A “Good Morning” at the commencement of the work day and a “Good-bye” at the conclusion of the day are about the limit of my conversation with most peers and supervisors. I can’t seem to figure out where I am going wrong

A three year standard graduation course does not prepare you for life in the real world. What you learn in the classroom is light years away from what you really need to know.

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The course content at TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance emphasises holistic development of learners and incorporates inculcation of soft skills, interpersonal relations, team spirit and team building, leadership skills, communication skills and networking.

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