Maximising Opportunities: How to get the most out of your PG Course

It is not just about a Postgraduate course; it is about whether it strengthens you in the path to achieve great career or just leaves you with a piece of paper.

A post-graduate course is an opportunity to embrace a given subject in all its breadth and depth that is possible in the given duration. The question is if a candidate can really stand out by leveraging on the maximum potential of a course?

Can you tap the most from a PG Course? How?

Experts, seniors and seasoned professionals are unanimous when it comes to what makes a candidate distinct from ‘the’ candidate. It is all about that unique amalgamation of grip, confidence, thorough knowledge and practical acuity that this candidate brings to the table. Having studied something is one thing, and having studied it deftly and deeply is another edge altogether. If you want to shine among your peers, start differentiating today. Start to approach your course with these new angles.

1) Think beyond lectures

Yes, everyone is studying in the classroom. It is only when you explore your PG specialization beyond lectures, by participating in study forums, activities, seminars, presentation, research etc. that you gain that confident stride. Complement theory with thoughts. Pack future-forward ideas into what you learn in a class.

2) Get an Internship

Do not miss any precious minute. Internship opportunities are not that easy to find. Start getting into one as soon as you can. Once you get it, treat this as your actual job and learn as much as possible from both your corporate and academic guides.

3) Network

Do not miss any chance to shake hands and rub shoulders. Tap every online student discussion group, scholarly network and huddle. Try to get assistance in your dissertation, seek career guidance etc. and leverage these networks and communities for adding that extra layer of knowledge and sure-footedness inside your mind.

4) Travel

Even if you do not do it geographically, make sure that you have access to International communities that can offer global exposure. A better idea is to choose an Institute with your preferred PG course that will give you this opportunity for global and diverse learning.

5) E is for Experiential

Education is becoming all about the real world now. No degree of theoretical knowledge can suffice to arm you with that grasp of actual issues that only happens when one learns by doing.

Where can you find all this at one place?

At TKWsIBF, these points are not superficial but deeply-rooted in the way the program is designed and executed. Apart from the fundamental clarity and essentials of Banking & Finance, the courses offered here aim to equip the candidate for real jobs. They make students completely ready as banking & finance professionals.

Another unique aspect of this place is that it prepares the candidates simultaneously for public sector & private sector banks.

The course gets its wheels from the use of a strongly-practical curriculum to produce industry-ready professionals for the banking and finance realms. A case in point – The International Trade Finance paper, taught by TKWsIBF, connects directly to the role of a Trade Desk Officer.

What furnishes this course with this practical focus is the presence of practising and retired professionals from the BFSI industry that are associated throughout the design and delivery process of all TKWsIBF courses.

‘Involve me and I will never forget’ is, after all, the quintessential mantra that shapes the DNA of this institute. It stresses, uncompromisingly, on the use of Experiential Learning Techniques or ELT. They make the core of TKWsIBFs’ teaching methodology and all students are either taught by ex-Bankers or industry professionals. This relays all the depth and practical experiences distilled through the lifelong journeys of these veterans on to students.

Not just that, students also gain actual-world nuances through regular interactions organized with corporate leaders. Exercises like research works, presentations and projects on Banking Research, Balance Sheet Analysis, Economic Survey Presentation, Product Launch Presentation, Wealth Planning Case Study, etc. make sure that the student has first-hand insights on the subject.

When students undergo this rigor and fun of real-world learning fortified with experiences picked from activities, project works, events, excursions, competitions and contests; they come out as real winners. Use of skill-development activities imparts a new repertoire of technical skills, professional skills and soft skills in the students.

Besides all this, the Institute also undertakes a leadership camp in association with RockSport Adventures along with optional trips done abroad for international studies and exposure. Students get to network and learn in Asian countries like Singapore / China / Hong Kong / Malaysia / etc. where they gain interactions with the finance professionals in these countries. When they visit their offices and other education institutions, it makes them think with a fresh and global perspective.

So it is up to you now to ensure that you become the one who is a breed apart. The banking industry picks cherries, not buds. Make sure you are fully ready for the actual world that the industry is about.

Gain an edge. Blossom. Your time is now.