No Work Experience or Recommendations for Placements? No problem!

“Freshers need not apply”.

“— years of job experience required”.

“Candidates with a proven track record will be preferred”.

Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if you were one of those Hindi movie heroes or heroines who come singing and dancing to college with two note books and a swanky car. They have this rich Daddy who hobnobs with the suited and booted.

Job? What’s that!

Salary? Never heard of it!

Turn on the lights now and say hello to the real world! Everybody seems to need either a Daddy or a Sugar Daddy in today’s world to make it good. If that’s missing, no one seems to want to give an untried and untested youngster a chance. Well, don’t be discouraged because this is just what it seems. There’s a great way to stand out and be noticed from the 9 million (90 lakhs) graduates that flood out of Indian schools and engulf the job market every year.

Yes, 90 lakh graduates!
That is 9 followed by SIX zeroes. And that is EVERY SINGLE year- year after year after year!

Added to that, the age old education system in India can help you add a string of letters behind your name- B.Com, LLB, M.Com, B.A., MBA, B.Tech etc. etc. etc. but does NOTHING to prepare you for a job.
You are raw, untrained, confused about what a job profile is. Oh yes! You’ve passed college exams, but all you did was cram from a book and there were plenty of students who crammed better: their future isn’t great either because they’re equally raw, equally untrained and equally confused.

An equally unproductive PG degree looks like the only path left, but, in reality, is just another way to pass time till the next 90 lakh graduates are added to this year’s numbers.

How do you beat the system?

Ready for the most coveted jobs as you step out of college
Go through this list:
1) Trained in business and management
2) Trained in accounts
3) Trained in computers
4) Trained in interpersonal skills
5) Trained to write bank exams
6) Trained by international faculty and streamed lectures
7) Trained by professionals from the Banking and finance industry
8) Trained by actually doing the job before being employed

And all this while you prepare for the requisite graduation degree.

If it seems unbelievable, be assured that it isn’t! At TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance, this is EXACTLY what is done.

Tailored to enhance your chances
There are many courses on offer. All you have to do is decide which course is most suited to your needs and aspirations. Trained faculty can help you make an informed choice.

You can pursue a B.Com degree and simultaneously train to earn an Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance. You can also do a B.Com degree in Banking and Finance which will arm you to pursue Company Secretary examinations conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries. Both of these are excellent paths that will lead to employment in banks, the stock market and enviable positions in the Central Government as well as private companies.

TKWsIBF’s PG Diploma in Banking Finance after your graduation will make you job-ready to step into the banking world. You will be trained to write bank exams as well as earn firsthand experience of what the world of international finance is all about through an exciting study tour and lectures by international guest faculty.

You can also widen your horizons with an MBA in Banking and Finance which will add marketing skills to your financial ones. Today’s banking, especially in the private sector, is all about tapping markets and convincing customers – charming them into a close relationship with the bank or financial institution.

As a student here, you will be trained to
1) Think analytically
2) Work independently as well as be part of a team
3) Understand responsibility and commitment
4) Apply and adapt your acquired knowledge and skills in complex situations anywhere in the world

Practically trained
Assignments and projects linked to Industry give the students of the PG Diploma in Banking and Finance a real feel of what related jobs entail. They also provide them an opportunity to form connections and network within the industry: something that will be invaluable to step into careers.

Open Sesame!
Not all jobs in Banking, Finance and Industry follow the route of advertise-and-hire. In fact, many organizations are reluctant to take on a candidate who is just cosmetically good. However skilled an interviewer is, it is very difficult to assess how a raw employee will actually perform. Many organizations are reluctant to poke around in the dark hiring newbies, spending time and money training them only to realize that it was all a colossal waste of time.

TKWsIBF has an enviable network of contacts with senior executives of banks and corporates. This opens the doors of opportunity for students to interact with prospective employers who are looking for skilled and trained aspirants. They understand that a Diploma in Banking and Finance from TKWsIBF means a job-ready candidate eager and able to take on the challenges ahead.

See? It’s not difficult to get experience while you complete your formal education. THIS is how you do it. Get savvy! Turn the spotlight on yourself. Let the letters of qualification behind your name show your worth and add to your value.