“On your mark, get set, go!” TKWsIBF celebrates sports day 2018

Sports Day 2018

If you think that TKWsIBF is all about routine finance and no fun, you could not be more wrong. February, the 11th, 2018 seemed like a beautiful spring day for outdoor synergy and action. Students unleashed some feisty pep and exalted energy on the playing field of the Sports complex. When TKWsIBF celebrates the annual sports day, it’s always a dance of fun mixed with a lot of learning. A total of one hundred and twenty students and faculty participated in the event.

Invaluable learning takes place on the playing field –
There were individual and team games organized for students. TKWsIBF offered students an opportunity to learn experiential lessons in leadership. Students gain invaluable experiences in planning, decisive and assertive body language. Co-operation with each other, goal setting and commitment to shared team goals. They get an opportunity to show ownership, collaboration, and fairness. The most precious lessons that students learn from sports events are managing emotions. They learn to control their positive emotions like excitement, joy, and happiness. Besides, students learn to manage negative feelings of fear, anxiety, and anger. They may experience frustration, sadness, and disappointment during the game. They cope with failure to celebrate the opponent’s victory. They become aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Students face challenges and display feelings in group dynamics on the field. They learn that it is team synergy and not an individual skill that wins them the game. They realize that a weak link can result in a loss of the game for the whole team. Moreover, students gain experience from participating in sports. This knowledge and skill transfer to the workplace in the future.

Team Work
Graphic text- Teamwork in action- Not ‘I’ but ‘We’

Graphic text- Spirit of ‘competition’!

A mix of events –
The institute organized intra-college competitions amongst four groups comprising of different batches. Teams were named Red, Green, Blue and Yellow .Volleyball, badminton,400-meters relay race, push-ups, relay race, 3-legged race, and lemon-spoon race were the menu of championships held. The students demonstrated a healthy competitive spirit. They won sixty medals through fair-play, teamwork, and synergy. They proved their mettle on the ground much to everyone’s delight. The UG 17 – Undergraduate Team Red took home the annual sports revolving trophy. Enthusiastic family members graced the occasion and cheered with a zest for their favorite players.

Graphic text- UG-17 wins the annual revolving trophy

Graphic text- Excitement from medal wins

In the end, it was a pleasurable day and time well spent with lots of learning, excitement and good cheer. Additionally, for those who preferred to observe the games from the sidelines, cheering? Well, there is always next year.