A Post Graduation course that will get you a six-digit salary

In a time of rising ambitions with high personal and professional expectations, youth at 21 years feel it’s essential to focus on building a career, a pathway that they hope will lead them to the realization of their ambitions- that keep getting higher as each day passes. And hence, money becomes a prime motivator when students decide on careers.

For today’s youth, the weight of goals on their shoulders means starting at a young age. The need to be ‘financially independent,’ and a ‘successful’ professional, powers their larger-than-life dreams – their own house, a car, and the moolah to support their families. This responsibility translates to being serious about their chosen professions and a competitive mindset. They gravitate towards companies that offer a higher salary. Performance on the job improves in a dynamic work environment.

PG Diploma in Banking and Finance jobs and responsibilities

Today, an education in Banking and Finance is a desirable degree to have. Graduates have various career opportunities available to them today. The reason is that this program offers students a chance to specialize in streams such as international finance, investment management, taxation, tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, and insurance management.
Industries and job titles: The golden words ‘finance’ and ‘management’ spew forth career options in numerous sectors like banking and financial services, investment banking, management consulting, insurance, wealth management, asset finance, and hedge fund management.

Financial manager/analyst, credit analyst, accounting manager, risk, and insurance manager, treasurer, finance manager, cash manager, chief financial officer, VP (finance), and finance director are some job titles available to Finance graduates today.

Corporate Finance managers– Job description: Corporate finance entails ensuring that funds are available for a company’s business activities. Finance professionals study and forecast economic trends, balance risk and profitability, analyze company reports and suggest improvements, take steps to maximize stock value, manage funds by choosing investment portfolios, and apply the principles of financial risk management.

Salaries and companies: Most in demand are companies like J. P. Morgan Chase & Co., Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, Citibank and General Electric.
In India, Financial analysts demand anywhere from about Rs. 4 lakh a year at the start, credit analysts Rs. 5-6 lakh at the beginning to Rs. 25-30 lakh in senior-level posts, and management consultants Rs. 4-8 lakh and, in a few years, Rs. 10-15 lakh.

Investment bankers: Although investment bankers come from many educational backgrounds, a solid footing in mathematics is of crucial importance. They make recommendations to companies, institutions, and governments on how to achieve their financial goals and implement long and short-term financial plans. Graduates typically start in primary analyst roles and complete an on-the-job training program ahead of their job.

Salary package: Investment bankers with experience command salaries from 26 Lacs PA onwards.
Educational qualification: A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or mathematics is required at the minimum level.

CA– Completion of and acquiring a CA necessitates lots of endurance and commitment. Although, once you clear the CA exam and achieve this status, you can command only a decent initial package. Business and Accountancy are two subjects one needs to be a master of for these most trending jobs in India these days.

Salary package: Experience is the determining factor. The initial pay for chartered accountants can start at 4-5 L.P.A.


Why a regular degree/diploma does not make you eligible for a high salary?

Smartness and knowledge of information about the above critical subjects separate the cubs from the Tigers in this business jungle where survival has become essential.

Apart from the knowledge, the following skills are of prime importance to succeed in your career:

1. Problem-solving and decision-making ability
2. Analytical skills
3. Speaking skills
4. Impression management skills
5. Communication skills
6. Discussion and persuasion ability
7. Knowledge sharing
8. Teaching ability
9. Leadership qualities


How TKWsIBF makes you ready for such roles?

One institute that ensures that students absorb such traits and behaviors is TKWsIBF. TKWsIBF provides an opportunity for its students in the form of experiential projects. Learning engagements, leadership forums, team activities and extracurricular activities, are regular events. They provide an avenue for participation with industry professionals on a routine basis. So, students overcome their shyness and introverted disposition to pick up these skills.

Extroverts find it easy to manage. The introverts imbibe these nuances through participation and teamwork. Students pick up such practical knowledge through practical skill-building approaches by experienced faculty. They are encouraged, evaluated, and supported to learn and demonstrate such capabilities. The institute functions on the premise that nothing is impossible for a student to learn. Nothing can stop their growth if a determined and sustained effort is made in this direction. By applying various techniques and using different methodologies.

TKWsIBF also imparts technical and domain knowledge apart from such practical competencies. Students learn problem-solving approaches such as SWOT, RCA, Five whys and decision trees.

So, in case you are contemplating a lucrative finance education, look up TKWsIBF’s PG program here: