Why prepare for banking exams separately? Combine it with PG prep.

My mom put the idea of a bank job in my head. And when I read about Chanda Kochhar (MD & CEO, ICICI), or Arundhati Bhattacharya, (Chairperson, State Bank of India), I KNEW that I could be in that select club of high achievers if I played my cards right. But in today’s world of specialisation and super specialisation, I needed the right kind of springboard to launch myself into the banking career of my dreams. I had had an unsuccessful try at the IBPS P.O. exam and I dreaded what the future held for me. Surfing through the net, one day, I came across the great idea of a PG diploma in banking and finance! My whole outlook was transformed.

Wow! Talk of killing two birds with one stone!
At TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance, I got the guiding hand that I was looking for.

The programme started with familiarising us about the basics of banking and finance. At the end of the year, I had a clear picture of how to go about cracking the bank exams. And this was not all! The basics of accounts and computers, mutual funds, taxation planning, customer service, professional communication, all that a banking or financial institution does, was now an open book to me. Projects and interactions with my fellow travelers kept me alive and in great spirits.

I got my taste of lectures from Harvard (OMG!) which were streamed live!

Well, my Mom was wrong!
That’s what I found out. I did not want to sit behind the counter of a nationalized bank. Interactive sessions with banking professionals and group discussions with peers made me realize that though job security needs to be valued, I wanted a more challenging career where I could move ahead on the steam of my capability rather than wait for the clock to tick and get a promotion because it was time.

I must boast that I cracked the IBPS exam too. But I did well in the professional banker programme of a private bank- maxed the test as well as showing them what I was made of in the 2 rounds of interviews that I was put through. Their offer was better and I knew that my new found confidence and the zest that was instilled in me had found a new home. I had been trained now to take the pressures of a demanding job and I knew that the reward of a fulfilling career was mine. You see, I also have the Certificate of International Trade and Finance from the International Chamber of commerce, thanks to my diploma course which prepared me for that exam too. My career here will not be limited to just one country: exciting opportunities on foreign shores now welcome me.

Whom do I thank? Well, let me be like Miss World and thank my parents first for inspiring me and standing by me when things weren’t going hot.

Then, I must thank TKWsIBF: they trained me, kept me informed and updated about what exams were coming up, which banks were hiring and their help in prepping was invaluable.

So, in the end (or should I say the beginning?), not only do I have a PG diploma in banking and finance but a stamped and signed deal for a great job.

Different paths are suited to different people. Which one is yours?
While at TKWsIBF, I came to know of so many different options. The same old beaten path of graduation and post graduation are not enough in today’s world. Formal and vocational education is combined here with experiential learning methods to give you hands on experience of what the banking, business and finance sectors are about.

Many of my batchmates have found placements; some have made use of the TKWsIBF network to land promising internships. Some have stuck to the tried and tested and joined public sector banks.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t scored in the 90% bracket or even in the 70s or 80s in your graduation or + 2 exams. Life is full of second chances. So, give yourself the best one, now. Get job ready by the time you graduate.

TKWsIBF will give you a quiver full of arrows: just take aim and let your talent fly!