Is pursuing just B.Com enough?

B.Com is certainly a good degree but in the fiercely competitive market, do you think it’s sufficient to fetch you a good job? Let’s be honest. B.Com degree does not amount to much in terms of career prospects. One needs to be industry-ready to start work and be productive from day one of employment.

There are a lot of options for commerce students which can be worthwhile and more fruitful. For instance, pursuing vocational training courses that offer greater career benefits and qualifications to top it. Vocational courses turn candidates into thorough ‘job-ready’ professionals who are clearly a cut above the rest. They are ready to be ‘productive’ from day one of employment and this becomes their competitive edge. It can thus be lucrative to students because it offers the benefits of less time as compared to just a B.Com.

TKWs Institution of Banking and Finance offers a triple qualifications-in-one program called the Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance. Here you can master three programs in one go – B.Com (Delhi University), Company Secretary and a Banking and Finance Diploma. This Program is rated as the best banking courses after 12th. This comes as a huge advantage to most students wishing to pursue a career in Finance today. It is worthwhile to note that organizations prefer to employ candidates who have the suitable and appropriate vocational experience to back their theoretical knowledge when compared to candidates who have only a B.Com degree to present.

TKWsIBF offers a better education than most DU colleges as they employ what is termed as ‘experiential learning’ methodologies which are proven to guarantee success when it comes to lucrative career prospects with an Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance.

Advantages of pursuing three courses at once?

Well, there are some clear-cut benefits here which open different doors for different pathways for candidates aspiring to pursue such a course. Students can opt for a career in Banking, or become a Company Secretary if they so wish. Or hone their skills to become financial consultants.

A few other considerations and some good homework will enable you to realize that doing only SOL can be an unproductive use of valuable time. No education can beat a regular full-time college experience. Face-to-face interactions with distinguished and experienced faculty and peers, support the learning. In addition, regular interface with industry professionals only fine-tunes the whole learning experience that B.Com cannot offer. You can pursue B.Com from DU and get a specialized degree as well! Isn’t that up for grabs?! Much better career prospects than regular DU colleges are available such as:

  • At TKWsIBF’s you can complete your B.Com and get a diploma in banking and finance at the same time
  • Hands-on experiential training
  • The top class faculty with experience in the banking and finance world
  • Networking with alumni that will help placements in organizations
  • Training in critical customer service and communication skills which are so very important in today’s business world.
  • Placement opportunities after the course top-ranked banking course after 12th

So, make your career decisions after due diligence and research into the many options available at your disposal. You might never know what doors open for you to succeed and secure your future.