Should I choose BCom Hons over BCom Program?

The Need:

Often students get confused between the BCom Hons and the BCom course as the subjects taught in both these streams seem to be the same, yet the cut-off percentage for them differs significantly. Both these courses introduce and teach subjects that essentially make up the commerce stream in a structured curriculum based on a full-time study for three years but with differences that would boggle the mind. Your final choice of this undergraduate course may not seem huge at present but it will present itself as a huge gap between the job opportunities and the final pay package later on in life.

The Ingredients:

Some of the subjects that fall under B.Com (Pass) are Environmental Studies, Financial accounting, Business organisation and management, Microeconomics, Business laws, Business Maths, Macro Economics, Company Laws, Income Tax, Indian Economics, Indirect Tax, Human Resource Management, Cost Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Financial Management, Business Communication. All of these subjects are taught in B.Com (Honours) as well but then there are more subjects that are only taught in the Honours part and not in B.Com (Pass) like Corporate Laws, Corporate Accounting, Management Principles and Applications, E-Commerce, Computer Applications, Management Accounting, Banking and Insurance, Industrial Laws and Advertising. This Honours course also allows you to do specialization in one of the chosen fields of study that enhances your chances of landing that plush job after studies.

The basic criteria for admission to both of these courses are exactly the same in most of the colleges and universities, being Class 12 pass or equivalent and having Mathematics and English as the compulsory subjects. The difference lies in the approach towards how these courses are taught and their final impact towards landing a prestigious and well-paying job. Keeping in mind that there is a huge demand for both these courses in the market and because too many students apply for them, many of the renowned universities like the University of Delhi have started an entrance exam for admission to these domains which began from April 2018 onwards.

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The Flavours:

Some of the differences between the two courses BCom (Honours) and BCom (Pass) are listed below:





The core subjects are the same
for both courses as mentioned earlier but one can do specialization in
their preferred field like Economics, Accounting, etc. in the last year of
study thus enhancing the chances of landing a plush job.

No specialization option


The focus of the program is to
create industry ready students with business acumen in their preferred field of major. The emphasis is more on knowing the subjects thus providing one a much deeper understanding of the subjects.

The focus is to create students
that can fit into a variety of roles with a basic understanding of all subjects.
Students who pursue this course learn about business and its functioning and
how trading is done on a more basic level than in the corresponding Honours

Cut-off percentages

Most of the colleges in Delhi
University has a very high cut-off usually over 97%.

The cut-off is high as only
meritorious students are allowed to this course but it is still comparatively lower than the Honours course lying somewhere around the 94% range. Getting
admission in a reputed college will boost your chances later on in life but
usually, the cut-off for them is slightly on the higher side.

Market perception

Experts in the industry value
this course over the Pass Course and offer better opportunities and packages
as students who undertake this course have a much deeper understanding of
their subjects.

Not valued as much on its own
standing unless a student further enrolls for a Masters degree or other

Demand in the market

India’s internet economy is
pegged to get doubled from the present US$125 billion to around US$ 250
billion by 2020. This is primarily backed by e-commerce and, students undertaking it are expected to be picked up off the line to this well-paying job. Newer fields like Digital Marketing are emerging that opt for the creamy layer of students.

Pass course does not have the option of studying e-Commerce as a subject thus students opting for it will
be left out of this huge job market opportunity.


As there are more accounting subjects in BCom Hons, students have a stronger foundation that can help them throughout their careers.

BCom Program or BCom pass has only 4 accounting subjects. This makes this course weak compared to a BCom Hons.


More suitable for students with career orientation.Suitable for students that are looking for an easy program.

The Spices:

You can always further your studies and your chances of landing a better job by opting for the M.Com degree that focuses on a systematic study of various subjects or opt for Professional Studies which involves a deep study and even deeper involvement into the workforce in the form of an Internships. Another option is to enroll in a PG program in Finance. New emerging fields like Digital Marketing are coming up in every conceivable industry and sectors, also gaining in popularity. Bank PO or Indian Economic Service (IES) are also good options for this field once you finish your undergraduate degree that offers good pay and a comfortable lifestyle.

Whatever be your field of choice of career, the basic building blocks to gain into these reputed professions are based upon your choice of study during the undergraduate level. Students of the Commerce field should check and recheck the courses they plan to undertake carefully as their final choice shall reflect upon their value in the market and present different levels of job and salary opportunities. Your choice of a reputed institution for your undergraduate course also has a bearing on your future.

The Garnishing:

TKWsIBF can help you in this endeavor to make you future ready from the industry perspective to focus on the most important question in your minds today – ‘successful employment’ in the company of your dreams. We offer government recognized diploma courses that have been accredited by the NABET for undergraduate as well as graduate students. We also have been awarded many awards and accolades at different educational and banking forums who endorse our strong industry orientation and our experiential learning techniques that make you future ready and poised to be successful. Our UG program offers a BCom Hons from DU SOL along with Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance.


The Final dish:

There are many opportunities available once you have graduated whether from Honours or the Pass course to further enhance your skills and your prospects for an even better job. But surely the B.Com Honours course will boost up opportunities as soon as you complete your graduation if done with the right blend of education which provides deeper knowledge. So choose well as the stream of your choice will have a major effect on your life in the near future.