Tapping into the Alumni Network

Any person who has passed out from a professional institute, would agree that a strong alumni network leads to better contacts and prospective opportunities for students stepping into the industry. Alumni networks allow you to gain access to an institution’s long-term value by giving individuals a chance to be in touch with and continue learning from each other’s experiences after you have passed professional education.

Being a part of the alumni network gives access not only to connect and socialize but also exclusive employment opportunities.

There are many benefits of connecting to the alumni network.

It is an informal social network to stay connected. Continuous and engaging social connections can eventually lead to better professional relationships. Junior alumni and students can benefit professionally by learning from senior alumni, exploring relevant job opportunities and even getting handy tips or techniques about their field. They can get into organizing local alumni chapters which are wonderful platforms to hone leadership skills. The senior alumni in turn benefit by exchanging ideas and thoughts with each other and with their juniors.

TKWsIBF’s alumni network

TKW’s Institute of Banking and Finance (TKWsIBF) has been a renowned name in the banking and finance sector for the past ten years. And we have been steadily improving and updating the framework we provide to the students to ensure that they can hit the ground running for getting a secured place in the banking and finance sector.

Our one year Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance Program helps one meet his/her goals of starting a promising career in the world of banking and finance – not just with the stalwarts of banking, FinTech, Mutual Funds and NBFCs in India, but also on the international platform. The students of this program get ready to be International bankers, in time to expand their horizons and step out in prosperity.

TKWsIBF has a strong alumni network of over a 1000 alumni working with some of the leading Indian and global companies. The strong point of being connected with TKWsIBF is that you immediately get access to veterans and well-established bankers and financial executives’ networks. The same network allows all the past students of the institute to connect amongst themselves for the ease of finding and landing a job in the best banking and finance companies across the world and also exchange their knowledge and experiences. 

Motivating and insightful career guidance and alumni interaction sessions are an integral part of TKWsIBF’s programs. This broadens the horizon of students for their career choices and aspirations.

TKWsIBF’s PG Program in Banking and Finance helps you gain the edge over others who strive to get a secure job in the banking and finance sector in today’s time. And with the exhaustive support of the esteemed alumni network, you shall always find yourself to be a step ahead in your banking and finance career. 

We are here to help you win.