TKWs IBF Internship: An experience to look forward to…

If you are amongst those who would like to pocket an ideal job, then the most effective thing that you can do is to have under your belt, some appropriate work experience even before you complete your studies.

Students, therefore, prefer to take up courses which can give them not only academic inputs but also relevant work experience. At TKWsIBF, the Institute has responded to a progressively more challenging job market by providing full-fledged support to students who need such work experience.

The combo of internship with relevant work experience along with graduation is indeed a very strong formula for accomplishment. With intense competition for every graduate, a student possessing confirmed work experience in a relevant area and provable graduate-level talents will have more probability to ensure a job after graduation.

Needless to say, that internship is a great deal more than merely a route to make an impression on possible employers or stretch out your resume. Interns can relate their academic understanding to the workplace, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Other advantages include practical real-world experience, participation in projects, and experience of working in a corporate environment, in addition to the introduction to domain-specific parts of a business.

Internships held by Banking and Finance Organizations
The majority of big banks, as well as investment management companies, provide a plethora of internship plans, the major ones occurring during the summer holidays for almost 6 – 12 weeks. These are actually aimed at students who are in their last year of graduation

An internship is a temporary offer of employment extended by an employer to a potential employee. The interns work in a company for a set, restricted time period. Interns are generally undergraduates or students.

Internships possibly are either part-time or even full-time. They are normally part-time when it is taken up during the semester and full-time when it is taken up during vacations like summer, winter or Easter and, when they normally last 4 to12 weeks.

Importance of internship
For a student internship, it is very vital, as they considerably augment the possibility of the graduates entering into employment. An employer will look for people who have worked in a particular industry as they feel that such people will surely be dedicated to a specific career and show an eagerness for a specific job.

This experience gained through internship also gives weight to the resume of a student.

The structure of internships
Internship systems regularly have a set structure: an introduction and fundamental training, tailored work in different allotments on a rotation. You may deal with live projects or comprehensive virtual situations. You may have a guide who will check your progress and provide feedback. A few firms give a formal appraisal, for example, an examination towards the end, with a perspective of offering you a job after you graduate.

Internship for TKWsIBF students
The batch of 2014-17 has completed their 4th semester and is appearing for an 8-week internship from 1st July to 30th August. Within 1 week of opening the internship, the entire batch received several offers to join. Most of the organizations have selected 2 to 4 students as interns in diverse roles. Mentioned below are lists of companies who are ready to provide internships to IBF students:
Aditya Birla Money
India bulls Mutual Fund
Edelweiss Financial Services
Elite Wealth Advisory
Almondz Financial Services
Union KBC Mutual Fund
Bank of India
Mahindra Finance

As an innovative step to align the experiential learning inputs from Internship, every student has been mapped to 2 mentors: one from the host company and second from the academics team of TKWsIBF. The students have been equipped with an internship logbook in which they record their daily tasks, achievements, and learnings. The logbook is appraised by the Industry mentor weekly. The Academic mentor interacts with the student individually and guides them on how to make the best use of this opportunity and create the best impression.

This unique format of the internship has been appreciated by the industry. Looking at the log book, Mr. Rajender Kumar, Zonal Head, IDBI remarked “This would create new benchmarks in the industry-academia connect. The internship logbook will enable the industry to really guide and assess the candidates and make the entire exercise of apprenticeship more meaningful.”