TKWsIBF organizes a ‘corporate interface session’ with industry stalwart Jayant Manglik, President Religare Securities Ltd.

Jayant Manglik, President of Religare securities Ltd. is a corporate giant and a well-known business thought leader. Religare securities Ltd. is the one of India’s leading stock, commodity and currency futures broking company. He has extensive media exposure and interaction with stock & commodity exchanges and regulators. He is also a regular speaker at conferences. On Saturday 10th February 2018, he made the time from his busy schedule to speak to students at TKWsIBF about the “Future of Capital Markets in Fintech World.
The institute had invited him for a guest session with their PG and UG students.


Mr. Manglik shared strategies that he personally used to succeed in the corporate world. He gave examples of various success strategies that Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham used. He shared tips from his experience of proven leadership, strategic planning and execution skills that were necessary for survival in a competitive environment. Mr.Manglik made the session interactive. He kept it simple and easy to follow.

Students stated that their most significant learning was the following:

“Work for yourself. Don’t work for anybody”.

“If you play with ethics you will be able to game the market.”

“Choose one field in which you can excel.”

“Nothing works in isolation.”

“Building and maintaining client relationships well is significant”.

“Financial markets are fundamentally free from within.”

“One should be logical. It’s all about common sense”.

“Use the best available technology.”

The questions that students asked impressed Mr.Manglik. He expressed that it was indicative of good coaching from strong faculty over the years. He felt that questions were intelligent and future-focused. Addressing students, he said “One has to be clear that one is the right field. Banking and Finance is going to be one of the fastest growing segments in the country over the next 20 to 30 years“.

Concluding his presentation, he said “It was a pleasure interacting with everybody, and I look forward to working with some of you in the future”. He wished the students good luck with their aspirations.The audience applauded thunderously.

In a vote of thanks, students all had one thing to say- that the session was “very inspiring and motivational.” They looked forward to more such corporate interactions.