TKWsIBF’s Bankers’ Meet – the Bonfire of Knowledge Begins

It is that time of the year again; the Bankers Meet will be held on 28th February at Le Meridien, New Delhi. The 4th Bankers Meet is a congregation of Indian BFSI think tank that is going to deliberate and discuss on empowering India in a digital ecosystem. Taking a cue from the clarion call of our PM Narendra Modi on rebuilding a better nation by 2022, the deliberations will discuss 4 key enablers viz., Policy, Products, People and Processes and their impact on the growth of financial services in India. The deliberations will lead to the creation of a BFSI Vision Roadmap which will be shared with the PMO, Ministry of Finance and the CXOs of all banks and financial institutions.

This meet is more than a networking and professional conference. It is a harbour that takes in wings of all shades and sizes in the industry for an exclusive break. It is a huddle where people from the Banking & Finance industry gather and shine upon the issues and challenges that are relevant to all facets of the industry.

It is a core part of the ambitions and dreams that TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance was carved with. The institute saw its inception at a time when the banking sector was witnessing a serious churn. The need for passionate and skilled talent has never been as ripe and rife as seen in the last few years.

Under the ambit of TKWs Group, the institute took the challenge by its horns and dedicated itself to being a strong and unparalleled knowledge Centre of Excellence for the banking sector.

The institute has been nominated amongst Top 5 emerging management institutes at the Indian Education Congress. It has also grabbed the honour of the prestigious Education Excellence Award for Best Banking Education multiple times.

Also, true to its spirit of accelerating the industry in the right direction, the institute is also the host of an annual Bankers Meet.

Over the course of three Bankers’ Meet, the vision of this Institute has been proliferating in the company of the brightest and wisest minds of the industry. The Bankers’ meet not only ensures that the top brass of the industry is present to share its wisdom with students and participants, but it also invites honchos from the Government side. People of stature and minds packed with a rich experience of banking industry rub shoulders here. The impact is, therefore, exceptional and extraordinary. Participants get to learn so much about the industry. They cover a lot of tips, questions, answers, debates, ideas and innovations that encompass the breadth and depth of this industry.

For instance, participants at the 3rd Bankers’ meet noted the unique advantages of actual growth, skills, and attitude that come in handy in this industry. They called it the most professional meet seen around.

It’s easy to guess why. One gets to listen and learn from seasoned veterans face to face. This is also a time to ideate with unprecedented freedom and companionship of great minds around. Participants get to listen as well as voice opinions and ideas around benchmark practices, challenges and innovations.

The conferences held in the past have confronted crucial questions enveloping the banking industry like financial inclusion, payment banking, next-generation banking etc.

Plus, the conference corrals the crème de la crème of HR and people leaders from BFSI.

Speakers like Kiran Bedi, Sanjay Sharma from Accenture, Ajay Garg from SMC Global, Tushar Pandey from YES bank, R K Dubey from Canara Bank and veteran experts in the domain of Financial markets like P N Vikay have graced the conferences held earlier. Conveners like Anil Birla and Amit Goyal from TKWsIBF have ensured that the conference always gets and maintains a sharp compass.

This year’s conference is only going to add to the breakthroughs and strides achieved in all these years. Make sure you request for your spot in time. If you are passionate about, ready to join, or already in, the BFSI industry; there is no other place where you can find real answers and deep insights. This Meet will equip you with durable and robust networking handshakes. It will also fortify your skills and competencies by allowing you the right time and place to sit back and assess what’s going right and what’s not.

Do not miss your chance to join where the Who’s Who of the industry is going to be.