Top 10 trending job roles in banking and finance and how to get them

From the first Indian bank called the Bank of Hindustan in 1770, the Indian Banking sector has come a long way and undergone unimaginable changes. 

Over the last two decades, digitization has worked as a disruptive force resulting in significant developments in the industry. Today, we use technological platforms for various banking needs. For example, websites and mobile applications have replaced branches and made banking processes majorly paperless. This has also resulted in a change in the kind of talent required by the sector.

Traditionally, a banker needed to be proficient with accounts and numbers. Today, computer systems are designed to manage most of the daily accounting needs of banks, turning many employees into data entry operators. Hence, the skills and expertise needed by banks and financial services institutions have changed. This article will discuss the top 10 trending job roles in the new-age banking and finance services sector and how you can acquire them.

Top 10 trending banking and finance job roles

The banking and financial services sector has seen accelerated adoption of technology and digitization. This has paved the way for new job roles and career options. Here are the top 10 trending job roles in this evolved banking and financial services sector:

  1. Product Development: Creating products that sync with the evolving needs of new-age customers and leverage technology to deliver them seamlessly.
  2. Crypto Investing: Offering advisory in buying and selling NFTs and cryptocurrencies and other crypto-related services to customers.
  3. Digital Lending: Using digital platforms to reach potential borrowers, assess their creditworthiness, approve loans, disburse loans, recover loans, and offer customer service.
  4. Algo Trading:  Assisting customers use algorithms to place trades in the market.
  5. Digital Payments: Managing various roles in the digital payments sector where customers use options like UPI, ePOS, etc., for transactions.
  6. Robo Advisory: Helping customers make efficient investment decisions using automated self-manageable tools.
  7. Financial Modeling: Structuring the financial statements of an organization to offer insights and help make informed decisions.
  8. FinTech and Blockchain: Understanding and helping organizations leverage blockchain technologies and other tools to create efficient and disruptive processes and products.
  9. Trading and Investing: Understanding the evolving investment landscape and helping customers with their trading and investing needs.
  10. Digital Banking: Playing an integral role in technology-driven banking processes.

TKWsIBF’s banking and finance program – your doorway to these job roles

Most banks and financial institutions look for candidates with management degrees who possess strong communication and analytical skills. However, it is essential to note that since these job roles are relatively new, they prefer a candidate with a diploma in a banking and finance course that offers focused training on the aspects mentioned above.

TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance offers a 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance integrated with a Certificate in Investment Banking, a Certificate in Business Banking, and a Certificate in International Trade Finance. This program prepares candidates to become leaders in the BFSI industry. Here are some salient features of the program:

  • 600+ Hours of Live Sessions (Physical/Virtual)
  • 200+ Experiential Learning Tasks with Personalized Feedback
  • 20+ Sessions by Global Industry Leaders
  • 3 Experiential Projects Guided by Mentors
  • 2 Experiential Events to Develop Management Skills
  • 24 Professional Skills Development
  • 24 Banking and Finance Skills Development
  • Live Global Lectures from International Guest Faculty
  • Opportunity to attend Bankers Meet
  • Counseling and Video Resume Building
  • 100% Placement Support Guaranteed

Summing up

The banking and financial services sector has always been attractive for building lifelong careers and enjoying lucrative salaries. However, this sector is highly competitive and constantly evolving. Therefore, if you plan to launch your career in this sector, then make sure to prepare yourself to stand out among the competition. Today, a career in banking and finance will require a detailed understanding of the impact of technology on traditional processes and how it can be leveraged to offer better services to customers. With the right program, you can ensure that you put your best foot forward and launch your career with a bang! 

You can learn more on how TKWsIBF’s upgraded 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance can help you prepare yourself for the new-age career options in the banking and financial services sector.  Talk to our program manager today.