The top 13 Indian Banking & Finance jobs for getting ahead in 2017

The Indian banking sector has been in the news as new and significant developments are regularly announced. From the advent of Aadhaar secured payments to mobile banking, the industry is seeing a significant change in how customers are using banking. In the larger picture, the consolidation of State Bank of India with its smaller public sector banks to RBI’s commitment to helping tackle the rising NPA [Non-Performing Asset] along with banks is set to change the banking landscape in India. With so much happening in a short span of time the Indian banking industry is buzzing with activity. With the heightened activity in the banking sector, this area is bound to grow, and this is perhaps the best time to secure a job in the banking industry.

With this background, listed below are the top jobs in the Banking & Finance sector that are bound to interest the students:

1. Relationship Manager – Corporate Banking
With the primary objective to build clients, this job also requires the candidate to have in-depth knowledge of all the services provided across the corporate banking spectrum including marketing, budgeting, deal origination, due diligence, credit analysis, legal documentation, credit monitoring, etc.

2. Branch Manager
With the requirement of a higher qualification such as a PG or similar, a Branch Manager is required to ensure that the standards in the delivery of service and real-time branch administration at the branch are maintained. The branch manager is also responsible for increasing the deposit pool, ensuring regulatory compliances are met, and high productivity and morale of the branch personnel are maintained.

3. Senior Bank Liasoning Officer
The bank liasoning officer is required to handle bank related activities with other departments, which includes managing relationships with outside agencies including government institutions and acquiring new business for the bank through outside agencies.

4. Sales Officer
Ideal for those with a flair for marketing in addition to banking, this job puts the candidate with a branch manager who works in tandem to achieve sales of banking services and investment options. An incentive on additional sales is usually provided.

5. Junior Analyst, Global Banking
This exciting job requires the candidate to work as part of an investment bank’s international banking teams to prepare marketing materials which are used to pitch products to clients. The job includes analyzing and interpreting financial statements and understanding the particular industry to form a view on the current and future scenarios.

6. Credit Manager
This position requires a specialized qualification like CA or post graduate in banking or finance who has experience with the calculation of working capital needs and the ability to analyze the fund requirements of the clients and extend business loans to customers.

7. Risk Modelling Manager
The candidate should be confident to lead a team that independently validates credit risk, market risk, and operational risk. Further, ensure that regulatory responsibilities are met in today’s heightened regulatory focus scenario.

8. Retail Branch Banking – Teller Services
With the growth in the number of ATM, the candidate will be required to oversee the cash and customer transactions at ATMs. He/she will be needed to manage all cash receipts, deposits and payments and complete cash balancing.

9. HNI Relationship Manager
The candidate will be serving the High Net Worth Individuals at the branch level and manage the relationship including addressing the client’s banking, investments, loan needs as well as cross-selling products including mutual funds, insurance, etc.

10. Banking Operations – Back Office
The job requires the candidate to manage KYC documents and connect with clients mainly on the telephone. He/she should be able to provide all banking services over the phone including resolving customer complaints and addressing requests. The candidate is required to have complete banking knowledge as well as be able to sell the various banking products including mutual funds, insurance, etc.

11. Associate Relationship Manager
The ideal job for one who is driven to achieve on his/her shoulders. This job requires the candidate to develop new customers for the bank by selling various products apart from the banking services. A high-pressure job, it requires the applicant to have intimate knowledge of all banking terms and products and long with the skill to identify the best solution for a prospective client.

12. Digital Relationship Manager
The job requires the applicant to use innovative technology to create an exceptional customer experience. The role places the candidate in the remote banking team, and he/she will be required to manage the client relationship as a single point of contact.

13. Wealth Manager
This position requires the job seeker to administer the portfolio of the current customers and to come up with options for increasing the clients spend in these portfolios by offering specific banking products.

With challenging banking jobs that require you to have first-hand knowledge of banking and finance, be sure to attend a reputed banking institute which provides you with all the information and learning opens doors to interact with seasoned banking professionals on a regular basis and provides real life experience of day-to-day banking. Institutions such as TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance are ideal as they cover all the banking basics and provide an excellent launch pad for young bankers.