Top 5 reasons you’ll love a career in the Banking and Finance sector

Do you know which sector is the most reliable friend of India’s economy?

It’s India’s banking and finance sector.

In the future, the opportunities in this sector will get massive since most sub-sectors have barely scratched the surface regarding reach. But unlocking the true potential of this sector to reach out to crores of Indians has just kicked off with the digital transformation currently underway.

Today, the banking and finance sector is preparing for the future by leveraging changing consumer expectations, emerging technologies, and new business models. Of the many changes here, the most prominently noticed are an expansion of digital currencies, operation through fewer physical bank branches, commitment to sustainable finance, and a rise in open banking. As a result, banking and finance are now becoming non-traditional functions. Due to this, many organizations which have traditionally never been banks are now entering the banking system. This includes tech firms like Apple, Google, and PayPal, retail business, telecom firms, and FinTechs.

This has led to the creation of several new-age career options for the aspiring professionals in this sector, such as Product Development, Crypto Investing, Digital Lending, Fund Raising, Algo Trading, Digital Payments, Robo Advisory, Financial Modeling, Fintech and Blockchain, Trading and Investment, Investment Valuation, Digital Banking, etc. As a result, today’s banking and finance sector is a gold mine of opportunities for candidates with the right new-age skills.

Among others, here are the top 5 reasons you’ll love a career in the banking and finance sector.

  • Professional work exposure: The banking function is expanding beyond just lending and borrowing. As a banking and finance professional, you will gain exposure to various profiles within the industry. Most organizations in this space now have a job rotation system and opportunities for specialized functions such as banking operations, credit appraisals, foreign exchange, investment management, etc. This ensures that professionals can simultaneously learn and apply the learning across functions.
  • International travel and working abroad: The banking and finance sector is adopting new technologies and financial models globally. This means that the new skills required to run these systems and take them forwards are also in demand across the globe. Hence candidates with the relevant skills and experience can now move and work abroad easily. Moreover, as the focus shifts from experience in local market conditions to the knowledge of new banking methods, international borders lose their rigidity.
  • Growth possibilities and promotion: There is a well-defined career progression path in banks guided by performance and potential. As a sector, banking and finance has always shown genuine appreciation for talent. It is a practice in the banking and finance sector to give preference to talent from within the organizations. People in critical positions often begin as freshers and rise through the system to manage top posts in the organization.
  • Attractive compensation and benefits: While the regular pay grade in the banking and finance sector is among the highest, they also go a step further and offer benefits to their employees, such as minimum interest rates on loans, medical edges, offers through bank accounts, and more.
  • Long-term prospects: Having a well-regarded financial institution on your CV is looked upon favorably by employers – and not just by those within the sector. If you have managed to get into a reputed company and spend a good few years excelling with a reputable company, then future employers will want you in their organization. So if you wish to move into a different industry, move laterally within the banking and finance industry (e.g., from banking into private equity), or harbor a goal to set up a business on your own, your experience will hold value.

How does TKWsIBF’s PG Program In Digital Banking And Finance help to kickstart your career in this sector?

TKWsIBF’s Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance is India’s most awarded 1-year banking and finance program, which helps participants become digital finance professionals. The program will help you build the right skill sets and prepare for new-age career options. The program uses experiential learning techniques, develops 48 professional skills, and provides practical exposure through 3 real-life projects. After successful placement, the alumni get entry to a 7-digit salary club and lifetime placement support. In addition, the program offers,

  • Industry-linked assignments, use cases, and research projects for maximum corporate exposure
  • Integrated certifications in Investment Banking, Business Banking, and International Trade Finance and additional certifications in CFP, NCFM, Mutual Funds, Credit Appraisal, and Trade Finance
  • 100% placement assistance with 14 placement prep sessions, personalized mentoring, 5 mock interviews, and post-placement hand-holding
  • A strong alumni network of 1000+ professionals working with leading banking and financial institutions

Understanding the industry’s need for finance professionals with diverse skills, various finance-related certifications are integrated with the program. These include,

  1. National Stock Exchange Certifications in Financial Markets
  2. Certificate in International Trade Finance (CITF)
  3. Certified Financial Planner(CFP)
  4. National Institute of Securities Markets – Certification

So far, our students have been hired by 80+ leading BFSI companies, with an average of 5 interviews per student. TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance is governed by CMDs and CXOs of leading Banks and has been consistently ranked as the best banking institute since 2010.

So what’s the verdict?

The banking and finance sector is at a complete and promising transformation threshold. This means there is now a genuine demand for talent and skill as much as work experience. Developing relevant skills in new-age banking and finance is essential to enter the industry and to build a successful career. Learn how TKWsIBF’s 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance can help you leverage its deep expertise to build new-age banking and finance skills and launch a promising career.  Talk to our program manager today.