Top five degree & professional courses after 12th for commerce students

Finance is the lifeblood of any activity in today’s world and it touches every aspect of our lives. Hence high school students today could contemplate a career in finance.In this article, we take a look at options available currently in this field of commerce after high school.

A commerce student passing out of high school, class 12, can get very confused about which path to take. Parents also can get stressed given today’s world of immense pressures. They may be at a loss as to how to guide their children in their career path. To top it all, there are many different courses to choose from and so much conflicting advice in the market. Why? Economy is changing and the way banks and institutions are doing business is changing every day. The demand for skilled and knowledgeable candidates to fill industry positions and start work immediately has increased significantly and recruiters are hard pressed to find such suitable “work-ready” trained graduates. This demand saw a plethora of institutions jumping on the bandwagon to offer courses aimed to fill this urgent demand-supply gap.

Truth be told, given the above scenario,organisations are reluctant to hire B.Com graduates, when there are candidates with a solid post graduate degree and vocational training available.

So, here are five degree and professional courses that a Commerce student can consider after high school:

  1. The most basic of them all: B.Com or B.Com Hons.
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration
  3. Chartered accountancy
  4. Company Secretary
  5. Vocational Courses

CA and CS- these are highly specialized courses and require a lengthy process for qualifying a series of difficult exams. Few candidates actually are able to clear them in one attempt. Several attempts over a few years may be required for a majority of people.

B.Com- whatever the specialization, it is not enough in today’s competitive world. It takes more than B.Com to get a good job. Organisations look for practical experience as well. They prefer candidates who are ‘job-ready’. In other words, candidates who are productive from day one and who require very little ‘new-hire’ training.

BBA/BBM/BBS – These too are a popular choice and commerce students might well remember that just a Bachelors in business administration or management or business studies will not possibly result in a job. It must be topped up with other qualifications that enable being ‘job-ready’.

Vocational courses are important!
It is necessary to be job-ready. In other words, candidates need to have vocational training experience. Organisations are more likely to employ candidates who are job-ready than those who have done a formal graduate degree with no vocational experience.

TKWsIBF offers a professional programme such as an Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance plus a B.Com degree. A major part of Delhi University’s B.Com is embedded in the curriculum. The student studies one of the best known syllabuses in the country. With visiting faculty from regular Delhi University Colleges, it is the same as pursuing a regular B.Com Degree from Delhi University along with an Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance. It is akin to killing three birds with one stone! It is worthy to note that candidates get three qualifications of ‘Advanced Diploma’, ‘CS’ and ‘B.Com-Hons’ all in one shot. How cool is that!? This is what makes this course most fruitful to pursue.TKWsIBF is also known for the following:

  1. Hands-on experiential training
  2. Top class faculty with experience in the banking and finance world
  3. Regular interactions with industry professionals
  4. Triple qualification
  5. 100% placement record
  6. Students also learn critical customer service and professional communication skills for success.