Triple Qualification – The 3-Pronged Arrow to Hit the Bull’s Eye for your Career

Who knew that the influx of liberalization, technology, and globalization could change the Indian Banking and Financial landscape so soon and so deep! This has increased the interest of Indian students in Banking courses after 12th.

None of our grandparents could have believed that private banks can co-exist with public banks, or that an online app can save them the exertion of standing in a queue or that there could be more jobs than that of a cashier’s that a bank could roll out chairs for.

But all this is happening. Fintech is sweeping the ground from right under our feet. Bots and machines are crawling inside banking cubicles with surprising enthusiasm. Frauds and corruption, along with the advent of blockchain and artificial intelligence, have added new complexity to the regulatory scenario that governs this sector. It is not just enough to serve customers. Serving them with speed, smile and precision are important.

So what does all this translate into, for you, the brain working hard to secure an ambitious spot in this vast, promising, diverse and dynamic industry?

Can you match the complexity of skills and competence that this new regime requires? With a simple and vanilla B. Com education?

It turns out, the answer is NO.

The general degree of B.Com is useful as a basic plank but is definitely not adequate to equip you with the advanced and nuanced set of skills and traits that the sector, today, needs.

That explains why most of your smart friends are leaning towards a Triple Qualification, so they can be armed with not just those academic strengths that the new age needs, but also the new toolkit of professional and vocational attributes that will separate men from the boys.

One way to grab that strength is through an Advanced Diploma for that perfect bridge towards a Professional Career in banking and financial services. TKWsIBF’s offering here is enriched with Delhi University’s B.Com as well as other layers essential for that distinctive flair one aspires for.

The triple qualification covers,

  •  Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance
  • B.Com from Delhi University
  • Company Secretary from ICSI (Preparation)

The course includes a major part of Delhi University’s B.Com with topics and lectures from the world’s best colleges through online streaming and by inviting International guest faculty to the campus. Top ranking students from the institute get an opportunity to go on an Asian Banking Tour and learn from foreign banks and exchange knowledge with international students. All these qualifications make this program the best banking course after 12th.

You may ask – what next?

Well, once these stepping stones are ascended with diligence and smartness, there is a spate of new opportunities waiting to embrace your new level of confidence and competence. Along with an innate readiness for jobs meant for banking & finance professionals, triple qualification will also steer you towards a slew of new roles, responsibilities, perks, corner-rooms, and titles that the banking and finance industry of 2018 is brimming with. This is a leap towards something that will not be mundane but a composite of many dimensions, abilities and analytical muscles.

The alumni are now working with leading banks and financial firms like HDFC, ICICI Bank, Deutsche Bank, American Express, Kotak Mahindra Bank and many others – a proof of the effectiveness of the triple qualification.

So if you have crossed the HSC level in Science / Commerce / Humanities from a recognized board, have minimum 50 percent marks and can bring along valid scores in TKWs BAT / UGAT / SAT, these courses will shape you into a consummate professional, tailor-made for the new BFSI needs.

So stop being complacent. Aim for the power of three. Get triple qualification with this banking course after 12th for commerce students. Let TKWsIBF accelerate your career with the right poise and pace. It is, after all, an age where being qualified is as essential as being skillful and right for the job. This new world is about multi-faceted brains so do not rest easy with just one degree anymore.