Visit to NSE: A Glimpse of the Real World

At TKWs Institution of Banking and Finance, experiential learning is considered the highest form of learning. And efforts are made to ensure every opportunity is utilized to help students understand the real world up and close and give them a strong industry orientation. Efforts like this make Postgraduate diploma by TKWsIBF amongst the most popular courses after graduation in Delhi.

The visit to the National Stock Exchange (NSE) by our students on 23rd March was a step in this direction. The two-hour session was power-packed with learnings about the overview of the exchange, Capital Markets and Equity Markets. Students had the opportunity to interact with the officials: Ms.Rekha Verma, Senior Manager, SEBI and Mr.Himanshu, Asst.Manager, NSE.

visit to the National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Important Learning and Knowledge Points

NSE is a leading stock exchange and the 4th largest in the world by the equity trading volume as per the World Federation of Exchanges. The prime focus is on

  1. Investor Protection
  2. Regulation of Securities Market
  3. Development of Securities Market

There are three important considerations for any product viz., Returns, Safety, and Liquidity.

Students also received some important lessons on investments.
  • The nuances of making one’s money work in the capital market
  • The need to have clear investment goals and the direction of further investments.
  • How and where to go for investment advice

They also understood various aspects of investing in security markets.

  • The key benefits of investing in security market from a retail investor point of view
  • Precautions to be taken while investing in a security market
  • Term Plans and the need to design them for individual needs
  • The science of taking the right Insurance cover

Apart from this, the students also learnt about the objectives of NISM, CCI (Controller of Capital Issues), Mutual Funds and also about the regulators of the financial markets in the areas of Securities, Insurance, Banking and Pension.

The session was highly informative. It ended with a Q&A session with the officials.

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