What After 12th? : 4 Things to Keep in Mind Before you Plan your Next Big Move

The year 2020 has proved to be a roller coaster ride for many of us. Moreover, we are not sure how the pandemic might play out in 2021 and beyond? Almost every industry faced a jolt, but the biggest jolt was to the education sector. With the classes and exams postponed, students were left clueless of what next? However, everyone is slowly embracing the new normal. Students are all geared up to make the next big move of their life, especially the class 12 students making an academic decision that will define their career and eventually life.

It becomes essential to understand the importance of opting for the right course with the right college. So, for all the class 12 students, Prof. Amit Goyal, Director, TKWsIBF, Educationist and Entrepreneur lays down four things to keep in mind before you make your academic choices.

1. Choose the right course after 12th

Gone are the days when it was all about Engineering and Medicine. We are now living in a time where there is a gamut of equally exciting and enterprising courses. Therefore, the first step before you choose what next is to decide on what interests you the most? A quick research on all the possible courses that suit your intermediate education must be checked. Jot down all the options and analyze each one of them.

2. Choose the right college

If choosing the right course is the first step, choosing the right college is the one that would lay a path for you to get closer to your ultimate career goal. Various colleges offer a variety of UG programmes. However, while choosing the right college, besides the college’s reputation, equal attention should be paid to the style of imparting knowledge. Post-12th education is not just about subject knowledge because organizations are not looking for bookworms. They are looking for smart minds with practical approaches. Therefore, you must choose a college that allows you to gain knowledge and implement such knowledge in practical situations. 

3. Look at the bigger picture

When you choose your graduation, it is important you also have a clear career goal. Define the career path you dream of, then work backward on the courses that would ensure your dream comes true.

4. Be open to change, focus on experiential learning

A critical aspect the pandemic phase has taught us, is to be open to change. For students who have always believed in traditional learning, it’s the right time to embrace all forms of learning, especially the LIVE virtual classes that support experiential learning. Experiential learning is about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. In experiential learning, students go through challenging situations, are allowed to make mistakes, and then learnings from such mistakes are discussed in depth. In short, mistakes are encouraged and learnings are drawn from them. Hence such virtual classes are so much better than normal online courses.

Remember that it’s not the medium of learning but the effectiveness that matters. Therefore, be open to learning new things and in fresh ways. The purpose of education right now is to make students industry-ready or develop entrepreneurship skills. There are courses that blend rigorous subject knowledge building and targeted integration of co-curricular activities to help students adopt leadership, communication and entrepreneurial skills, and more.