Why Banking is the #1 choice for working professionals to grow in their career

Are you a working professional looking to grow in your career?

Look no further than India’s banking sector, which is growing rapidly and is among the fastest-growing industries.

This growth is driven by technological innovation, an increase in the working population, rising disposable income, and significant reforms. According to an IBEF report, in 2020-2022, bank assets across sectors increased. Total assets across the banking sector (including public and private sector banks) increased to a staggering US$ 2.67 trillion in 2022.

Further, digital platforms, mobile, internet banking, and payments banks are substantially revolutionizing the sector. This is helping banks to meet the increasing consumer expectancies and regulations and embrace economic changes and constant competition. Hence, from FinTech to digital payments to digital banking, such developments are creating new avenues for working professionals to grow in their careers. Moreover, it offers a perfect blend of opportunities and significant earnings, which makes it the ideal career choice. 

Apart from all these, there are a few other reasons that make banking the top choice for young working professionals to grow in their careers.

Top 4 reasons why working professionals choose to join the banking industry

We all know that banking and finance shape the economy and somewhere everyone’s financial future. That’s because every individual and company rely on banking and finance to keep their daily operations running. As a result, the need for banking and financial professionals is constantly increasing. And if you are looking to secure well-paying positions in this rapidly expanding industry, here are four reasons to support your decision.

  • Excellent career growth: The banking industry is relatively large. This is why specialists from various backgrounds are required. If you have an experience in finance, commerce, or engineering, you will be able to find a variety of positions in the field. As a result, one of the primary advantages of a banking job is the availability of different career paths. Also, the sector is going on a new, more exciting path due to the entry of the globalized FinTech market. Such developments offer excellent career growth opportunities.
  • Work-life balance: This is one of the most significant benefits of having a career in the banking industry because a great profession is meaningless unless it allows you to balance work and life. Although the traditional 9 to 5 banking hours are a myth in today’s world, the banking work environment is far more suitable than most other businesses. So you may find yourself sometimes working long hours, but you will find well-structured processes and policies that would always allow you ample time to spend with your loved ones and for personal and professional growth.
  • High pay: Different people expect different things from their careers; some want a good work-life balance, and others prefer the chance to learn. However, money is something everyone has in common. And the pay in the banking sector is higher than in several other industries, which makes it the perfect career choice for young working professionals. Employees are also provided with health benefits, insurance, travel allowance, meals, etc. Another great thing that distinguishes this field from the rest is the chance for big and attractive bonuses.
  • Overall personality development: A career in banking isn’t just about dealing with money. It’s about dealing with people first. Because it’s the people who will bring the business and deal with them, you’ll need to have excellent soft skills. And when you start working in some established banks, they provide you with personality development classes to help you grow in your career and life. Also, good soft skills are essential because they will help you communicate effectively with customers and understand their concerns. In other words, if you are the type of person that is good with people, then it is easy for you to advance your career and get the best management positions.

How does the TKWsIBF program help working professionals to transition into a banking career?

All the reasons mentioned above sound tremendous but making a career in a rapidly changing sector like banking, takes a lot of effort and the right skills. And to help you with this, TKWsIBF has upgraded its most popular program, the Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance. This program is one of the most awarded and recognized 1-year programs in the country.

The program aims to help young professionals make a career in banking and finance. Here is what you can expect from the program.

  1. 600+ Hours of Live Sessions (Physical / Virtual) 
  2. 200+ Experiential Learning Tasks with Personalized Feedback 
  3. 20+ Sessions by Global Industry Leaders 
  4. 3 Experiential Projects Guided by Mentors 
  5. 2 Experiential Events to Develop Management Skills 
  6. 24 Professional Skills Development 
  7. 24 Banking and Finance Skills Development 
  8. LIVE Global Lectures from International Guest Faculty 
  9. Opportunity to attend Bankers Meet 
  10. 100% Placement Support  
  11. Counseling and Video Resume Building 
  12. Flexible Payment Options

Further, with this certification, one can work in FinTech, investment, retail, corporate, or trade banking, in the finance divisions of multinational or Indian corporations, or raise capital for their entrepreneurial ventures. After successful placement, alums get an entry to the 7-digit salary club and lifetime placement support.

Final thoughts

After reading the article, you will better understand why young working professionals choose banking as their first career. Also, this sector has jobs for almost diverse education backgrounds and TKWsIBF’s 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance can help you prepare for it. Talk to our program manager today to know more.